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Homework answers / question archive /  write an article on birth order Paper must be at least 1500 words

 write an article on birth order Paper must be at least 1500 words


 write an article on birth order Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! According to Sulloway, birth order has a strong influence on major personality traits. He claims that firstborns are less agreeable, less open to new thoughts, more socially overriding and more conscientious as compared to the lastborns. Sulloway believes that firstborns have the ability to influence several things in their families given that their parents provided them with the chance to make a notable impact in the family before the others. This means that they have the ability to dominate a social setting especially if the members present are their younger siblings. They have that perception that what they say is more superior and deserves respect hence carry out their operation with a sense of command. Firstborns rarely agree with what their juniors propose. they prefer their presumption to be adopted. This aspect generates the idea that firstborns have a superiority complex. Lastborns tend to open up to new ideas and are more likely to agree with various suggestions. This could be because they grew up while getting various views about life from their siblings and family members. Often, lastborns are subjected to a scenario where they are supposed to follow the footsteps of their firstborns and other siblings. Because society expects the firstborns to act as role models to their siblings, they tend to be more conscientious about all they do. They fear messing around because it paints a bad picture and makes them lose respect from their juniors.

Darwinian conflicts include parent-offspring conflict, sexual selection, sibling-sibling conflict, differential parental investment and preference of older sibling because of infant transience. Sulloway portrays massive admiration for Darwin’s approach to birth order. He indicates that every child in the family has to establish a niche and try to secure a potentially beneficial relationship with the family members. In sexual selection, children tend to compete over their mates. Each individual will want to relate well with each other but will also want to emerge the most favourable and outstanding over the others. For instance, a family with three boys, each of them will want to be seen as the best male out of the group. Parents tend to have unequal attention towards their children. Some will receive more attention while others become almost insignificant. The parents might not really realize natural occurrence that is why the lastborns receive more attention since the parents claim they are protecting them from intimidation from the older siblings.

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