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Homework answers / question archive / Before we encounter sources engaged in the discourse of resilience, it would be a good idea to reflect on what resilience means to you

Before we encounter sources engaged in the discourse of resilience, it would be a good idea to reflect on what resilience means to you


Before we encounter sources engaged in the discourse of resilience, it would be a good idea to reflect on what resilience means to you.


Without consulting outside sources, define resilience in your own words. What words and traits do you associate with the term? How do we know resilience when we see it? Who or what can be resilient? In which contexts do we use the term? You can also pose questions about resilience here. The idea is for us to start a conversation about the term and take stock of what we know and how we feel about resilience before we engage with outside sources.

Also, please reply 3 responses from other students below.

1) According to my understanding, resilience is the capacity to get on one’s feet after falling; it is facilitated by mental strength. Through resilience one can rise above weaknesses that are inherent in human beings. The terms which I associated with resilience include strong, tough, growth, fitness, fortitude and positivity. Resilience can be known when an individual does not let an obstacle or a fall define his/ or her life forever. Besides, in cases where an individual has faced a misfortune he /she focuses on recovering instead of mourning about the misfortune for long. Human beings can be resilient as long as they have the mind-set of focusing on reinventing themselves after falling. Furthermore, the theory on ‘survival for the fittest’ which was advanced by Charles Darwin relates to the concept of resilient. Only strong and resilient species can survive to the future. Those that are weaklings have minimal chances of enduring. The term resilience is mainly applicable in cases that require endurance. Endurance is an important trait which makes it possible for humans to survive in the face of difficult situations. These days calamities are rampant; some of the calamities include hurricanes and wildfires. The calamities are destructive for they cause death and devastate properties. Survivors in the catastrophes must be resilient for them to survive. They cannot dwell on the destruction they have incurred because it will be detrimental to their flourishing. Survivors focus on their recovery and look for means to continue with life even though it is difficult. Resilience is a prime trait which has enabled the human species to get this far.

2) When I think about resilience, I often think about the ability to withstand pain, risks,

challenges and other negative influence for a person or a system. Resilience can be used for a person to use high EQ to turn a situation around and stay positive in the negative situation even if there are many bad lucks or situations that not beneficial for the person. The qualities of resilience include calmness, sense, strategies and many other situations that are beneficial for the person in a short amount of time. To build resilience a person must be flexible about the strategies that he or she can use. Sometimes it is better to retreat and cope with the difficulty in another manner. I think that anybody can be resilience and the best way to be resilient is to go out in the world and experience more difficulties so that we know how to handle different kinds of situations. Sometimes we also have to associate resilience with the ability to adjust to our situations so that we can better adapt to the environments that we live in. Resilience can also be used in situations such as an ecosystem that has many plants and animals that can withstand the challenges posed by human beings. Resilience can be shown through the biodiversity of an ecosystem. For instance, even if there are situations where there are damages, the ecosystem can recover quickly through the built-in mechanisms weaved by the relationships between plants and animals. The resilience of the system is dependent on the organisms and environment of the ecosystem.




3) My point of view of what resilience means is that it is the strength to keep on going, no matter what obstacles are in the way. Some words that I associate with resilience are words like steadfast, unwavering, and thorough, though these words can also be traits that people can have as well. To me, it's a form of inner strength that people have, one of the many things that keep us moving forward. Anyone can be resilient as long as they push through whatever roadblocks may stand between them and their goal. We know resilience when we see it when despite however many challenges a person has, they don't give up, and instead press on, dealing with each roadblock as they reach them. I think we usually use the term when talking about people's achievements, such as, "They were resilient enough to do all of their classes and a job at the same time, and ended up getting their degree and a promotion". In this case, the opponents that they face are of no consequence to them on their journey, they roll with the punches and find a way to power on through. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right way of thinking about resilience, but if I do find out that I am wrong, I'm hoping I'll be resilient enough to change my definition of the word in order to better myself through learning.

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