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Homework answers / question archive / Conceptual Background Read Arriagada and Perrings

Conceptual Background Read Arriagada and Perrings


Conceptual Background Read Arriagada and Perrings. 2011. Paying for International
Environmental Public Goods. Ambio 40:798-806
Bulte, E., G. van Kooten, and T. Swanson. 2003. Economic
Incentives and Wildlife Conservation. Working paper.

Assignment 4-page paper (typed, double spaced, 12 Arial font, 1” margins)
discussing incentives to conserve marine biodiversity conservation
within the framework of impure public goods. The intent of the
assignment to insure that you understand the conceptual framework
for the rest of the class. Discuss what an impure public good is, the
types of externalities associated with impure public goods, the
technology of public good supply (best shot, weakest link, etc.), and
the types of economic incentives (positive and negative) that are
created for impure public goods with different technologies of public
good supply.

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