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Homework answers / question archive / The article will need to be on Branding and Marketing

The article will need to be on Branding and Marketing


The article will need to be on Branding and Marketing.


you will do a literature search for a scholarly article (either conceptual, empirical, or theoretical) that is related (“connected”) to the selected reading. There will be two (2) for the course. Choose a scholarly article by conducting a Proquest search. A scholarly article should contain a sample and study of that population. Typically, scholarly articles begin with a review of the literature and then set forth hypotheses to be tested. A study will then be conducted to support (or not support as the case may be) the hypotheses discussed. Conclusions will be drawn and recommendations for further research will also be suggested. If you would like me to tell you if your chosen article is scholarly or not, please feel free to email me the article before conducting your review.

These article reviews are not summaries but rather a review in the sense of a critical analysis and the opportunity to synthesize with the reading and other assignments, e.g., your own research for the course project. You are to integrate this review (your findings and analyses) in your assigned reading/chapter. The article must have been published since 2006 (2007 to the present). On the cover page, the bibliographic information should be in proper format (APA style), your name, course (MBA 628), and date of submission. Beginning on the second page, you should state: (1) how the article relates (synthesize) to the material being studied (textbook) and (2) with what you agree and disagree, stating why (using analytical and critical thinking skills). The review should be at least two (2) pages (singled-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman and 12-point font), plus the title page. There should be a reasonable balance between these two sections, e.g., 40% (or 60%) relating the article to the text and 60% (then 40%) critical analysis, if not equal balance (50%-50%). In addition, if quotation(s) is (are) used, then that much additional review is required; hence, the completed pages are your views, opinions, understanding, and writing. You must attach a copy of the article or the link to your article to your review/critique. Only full scholarly articles (no abstracts, book or article summaries, etc.) will be accepted.

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