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Homework answers / question archive / You will prepare and submit a term paper on the Effect Of Media On Arabic Culture

You will prepare and submit a term paper on the Effect Of Media On Arabic Culture


You will prepare and submit a term paper on the Effect Of Media On Arabic Culture. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Current cinemas, the internet, especially social media, television adverts, magazines among others have found their way to the Arab world, just like is the case at the international level. While discussing the effects of media on shaping and enforcing aspects of the Arab culture, this essay will analyze the various ways in which these media forms contribute to the erosion of the Arab culture. Further, it will address the trends witnessed in the contemporary Arab culture relative to the traditional highly conservative culture. Finally, it will address the role that these media forms play in shaping and maintaining and shaping the Arab culture.

Western films, advertisements, and social media have considerably led to the erosion of morals among a section of the Arabs, especially in the Middle East (Suren web). Despite these changes, however, Arabs use these same media as ways of maintaining their culture. Through films focusing on their culture, television adverts embracing their culture, and promotion of the importance of having an identity over social media, the media has played a key role in shaping and enforcing aspects of Arabic culture.

While traditionally, Arabs were highly conservative in nature, recent trends indicate otherwise. The mode of dressing, teenage relationships, and unruly behavior among teenagers are the biggest contributing factors to the changes witnessed among the new generation (Suren web). The young people currently engage in sexuality at a tender age, something regarded as a taboo among the Arab communities. The mode of dressing among some women shows diminishing respect for their privacy, exposing considerable skin, which is culturally wrong. Further, alcohol, although not classified as a moral wrong, it was unethical for the young to take alcoholic&nbsp.drinks. The changes in society currently are amazing.&nbsp.Not only do the young now drink, they even influence their girlfriends. Others engage in stimulating drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.&nbsp.

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