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1 Obituaries Student’s Name Course, Department Course Date


1 Obituaries Student’s Name Course, Department Course Date. 2 Obituaries Abraham Bibliographies of popular people are available for all to see, for this assignment, we will choose three people to focus on from the list. These people include Abraham, Dante, and Shakespeare. The bible is a mysterious book, there are various chapters and different stories that were written by people inspired by the ‘Holy Spirit. It is from the bible that we find the story of Abraham. Abraham was the son of Terah and a husband to Sarah. Abraham was an old man when his wife conceived a son, named Isaac. The bible says that Isaac was conceived at their parent's old age because of Abraham’s faith. From this Story, Abraham’s next of kin is his wife Sarah and the other is his son Isaac. Christians learn a lot from the story of Abraham. The Faith and the unwavering attentiveness to God. Abraham is said to have moved from his home to another country because God commanded him so. This teaches Christians that there is a to have faith in their lives and follow what God commands; this includes following the ten commandments and having a strong faith. When we read the story of Abraham, we find that he was ready to sacrifice his only son because God commanded him so. Abraham will always be remembered as the father of faith and Christians should walk through the same path as Abraham. Dante Dante was born in the year 1265, he died in the year 1321. Dante was an Italian poet of noble ancestry. His life can be said to be shaped by conflicts between papal and imperial partisans. Dante was exiled from Florence and he never returned (Lemmi, 1974). His love for Beatrice was so great that he dedicated most of his poets to Beatrice. He had a great friend by the name of Guido Cavalcanti, who shaped his career for the better part. Dante made a major 3 contribution in the adoption of the Italian language since he used Italian instead of Latin in most of his poems. He was a Christian and had a vision of the temporal human life and the eternal destination. He majorly focused on eternal life instead of the temporary earthly life. Apart from poetry, he was a comedian and he will always be remembered for making Italian literary language, he is also among the towering European figure of literature. Shakespeare The lovers of books must have read at least three of Shakespeare’s books. William was an English play writer, a poet, an actor, and a great and most recognized English writer. Shakespeare is often called England’s national poet. Shakespeare is was married to Anne Hathaway and had three children, Susanna and the twins, Hamnet and Judith; these are his next of kin (Gibson, 2016). Shakespeare is made a major contribution is the development and diversification of the English language and poetry, he will always be remembered as a great poet, writer, and novelist. With the books he has written, William Shakespeare will always be remembered for that. William Shakespeare also has various plays published and these are what the people will remember him for. Various Shakespeare’s pieces of writings are still used in schools today as a set book for students who are learning. Shakespeare will forever be remembered. 4 References. Cochran, P. (2014). Obituaries: Anne Barton and Nina Diakonova. The Byron Journal, 42(1), 13. Gibson, R. (2016). Teaching Shakespeare. Cambridge University Press. Hume, J. (2000). Obituaries in American culture. Univ. Press of Mississippi. Lemmi, O. (1974). Obituaries: Professor Dante Robusto Giorgi: 1914-1974. Arquivos de neuropsiquiatria, 32(2), 157-158. 1. SUMMARIZE A LIFE! In the B section of the Philadelphia Inquirer, you will find the obituaries of men and women who have passed on. A paragraph from 150-500 words describes their loved ones and their accomplishments. 10 pts each (30 pts total) Write a similar paragraph about three of the following characters from life and literature that we have studied this semester. Choose one from each category listed below. Who would you include as their next of kin? What were their major contributions to life? How will they be remembered? (Recommended but not required: you may use a quote from the text to capture important ideas that they represent.) Abraham Odysseus Son Jara Joseph Confucius Dante Ruth Oedipus Shakespeare

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