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Homework answers / question archive / You will prepare and submit a term paper on Not for profit marketing

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Not for profit marketing


You will prepare and submit a term paper on Not for profit marketing. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Not-for-profit marketing Marketing is defined as the “process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, services, organizations, and events to create and maintain relationships that will satisfy individual and organizational objectives” (Boone and Kurtz, 2006, p.7).

The above definition of marketing is generic in nature. It could be applied in all situations which primarily involve creation and implementation of ideas that could substantially provide benefits for the business, individual and organization. Marketing therefore is a way of igniting the entire efficiency or productivity of a certain business, individual and organization. Marketing eventually is there to help achieve profitability and long-term survival in business or organization. After all, the goal of every business is to achieve profitability and long-term survival.

However, any activity in marketing which is outside the primary aim for profit is considered not-for-profit marketing (Cooper and Argyris, 1998). It avoids marketing practices that could be harmful to the society because it aims to develop fair and intelligent purchase decisions among consumers. However, not-for-profit marketing is not only applicable to businesses that substantially aim for profitability and long-term survival. The term profit cannot just be specifically focused on monetary value alone, but including other intrinsic values that could not be readily observed by the naked eye. When one heard about marketing, the ultimate concept that would come to mind is about business with the inclusion of the issue about profit, which is all about monetary value. However, not-for-profit marketing is also widely applicable among educational establishments, churches, politicians, national interest groups or charities, and any activities related to internal marketing (Cooper and Argyris, 1998).

Based on the above definition of marketing, it is essentially about satisfying individual and organizational objectives, but the entire thing about this could only be achieved if there is planning, execution and eventually creation of something else.

A politician aiming to take his position after an election should basically learn to inform the public all necessary information about him that could potentially gain confidence on the part of the voters in voting for him. This eventually is an integral part of the not-for-profit marketing because the intention of the politician is just to develop among the people such a fair and intelligent decision. It is a kind of promotion not directly for profitability and long-term survival of an organization but for keeping the public to be highly informed and provided with the opportunity to create a good choice and decision.

Not-for-profit marketing based on the above definition is also a way to ultimately satisfy internal marketing activities that may not directly or necessarily contribute to the creation of profit. For instance, churches have conducted promotional activities that could raise the number of their members. One important activity in line with this might be commissioning their members to conduct cell groups, go find for the lost souls. In a way, this activity is essential for the growth of faith of the church members, but the outcome will not just be increase of faith, it would also substantially involve growth of the church based on the number of future members.

The above illustrations about not-for-profit marketing ultimately involve the usual marketing activity principles because there are activities such as planning, execution and conception of ideas that have become integral parts of their success. What they only lack is the involvement of directly seeking for profit which can be widely observed in contemporary marketing activity.

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