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Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide


Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. ?Speech for Drawing Competition Award Ceremony

I am really pleased to see such a huge crowd before me and would love to welcome our participants and the Ministry of Education. It is a delight to see you all joining hands on this day. It shows how concerned our authorities and citizens are in safeguarding the health of our future generations.

8th May!!!! Today! Together we observe the “Thalassaemia Day”!! Research shows that THALASSAEMIA has transformed from a fatal childhood disease into a mere chronic one. This shows that health authorities are concerned about improving the condition of the patients. Why then due to economic downfall have we neglected the necessity of financing an issue which has shown the potential of improvement? Healthy citizens are an asset to the nation. they help make a country grow and reach its goals. A country that does not see the importance of the wellbeing of its people cannot hope to prosper. It is an obligation for all of us to voice out this issue so that recession does not become a threat to our health. Let us be a part of the struggle that the health sector is making in trying to eradicate these diseases from the face of this world. Let us join hands and be the voice of the patients who suffer from such a disease. So that they have hope to see in the near future their children and grandchildren devoid of the pain they went through. Health is a basic right for all the citizens and for patients it is a necessity. And so we as a nation should make sure that this sector does not go unnoticed due to the economic downfall.

Creating awareness about the seriousness of the issue a drawing competition was held. The topic was “Economic Recession: Observe- Join Forces- Safeguard Health: The right for quality health care for every patient”. High School Students and Senior High/ Technical School Students were allowed to register for the competition. This competition aimed to create awareness about the attention not being paid on the health department with respect to Thalassemia due to the economic recession. It is a reminder to the people and authorities that quality health care is the right of every patient and it must be considered seriously when allocating budget for health.

A big applause to these young men and women who have gathered here and made this competition possible. You feel strong when you see the youth of your country so ready to improve the health condition of the world. The people gathered here make you believe that change is possible and we will make it possible. I would like to congratulate all of you on your efforts as the entrees were remarkable. By looking at the work, you can see the enthusiasm and the seriousness with which the students worked. But we all know the real reason behind this competition was not to win or lose. It was an effort to create awareness among the authorities and citizens about the importance of the issue and rights of the patients. Today all participants are winners as they have been a part of a campaign that will change the mind set of authorities. These students have paved a way for a bright future.

I would like to praise all the students who participated in the competition and thank the Ministry of Education for being a part of this struggle. It shows that they understood the importance of the health of their fellow beings. It is an honour to have all of you here. We will begin by looking at the entrees after which we will be awarding those who have thought out of the box. Then you may have a closer look on the work of the students as we will open the gallery along with which you can enjoy your cocktail. Dinner will be served after you have enjoyed your tour de gallery. Thank you all once again.

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