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Homework answers / question archive / You will prepare and submit a term paper on Health Threats Facing Your Kids in School

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Health Threats Facing Your Kids in School


You will prepare and submit a term paper on Health Threats Facing Your Kids in School. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Even with the high possibility of the children to health injuries and sickness, seconding Miller (2016), recently, almost 50%of the schools have neglected to employ a fulltime qualified and registered nurse. In such schools, the&nbsp. young children are hence at a more risk rate since, even after incidences such as injuries and sickness, they will not get immediate medical attention, and in case they get, since it will be offered by an unqualified nurse, such will account for young children receiving poor quality medical services. As such, in the case it is made mandatory for every school to have a fulltime qualified and registered nurse, such would help in offering young children effective, timely and quality medical attention in case of sickness or injuries whenever they are within the school.&nbsp.There have been local as well as global efforts that have been devoted in ensuring full implementation of the contextual young children advocacy issue- the mandatory presence of a fulltime, qualified and registered nurse in all schools with young children. Some of these efforts include campaigns towards the implementation of the issue, invitation of organized workshops to educate on the benefits of implementing the issue as well as the presence of regulation, policies, and penalties that requires all the schools to implement the issue. Worth noting is that most of the pre-mentioned efforts among others have been propelled by several organizations. A major exemplary organization is the National Association of School Nurses. The organization is advocating for contextual issues in various ways. Such includes formation and provision of federal legislation towards the issue, the presence of National school nurse day which enlightens on the concept and importance of the issue as well as provision of professional practice documents that educates and guides on the contextual issue. Mainly, the organization embraces all the above-mentioned ways to educate as well as inform schools, their managers, parents and other educational stakeholders on the need to ensure that the schools with younger children have a fulltime, qualified and registered nurse. Personally, a significant initiative that I would further the contextual issue is the availing and preparing a national school nurse open day. The day will be based on the theme of calling for the patient health all day long that accounts for the presence of a fulltime, qualified and registered nurse. During the open day, invitations will be to all schools, younger children, parents, childhood education stakeholders, government representatives as well as various organizations and individuals volunteering to sponsor the idea and practice. The initiative will have two measurable goals in the next six months. These will include an increment in the number of recorded schools which have embraced having a full-time registered nurse as well as a reduction in the number of reported cases relating to younger children taken to the hospital to seek medical condition for non-complicated conditions. A major roadblock that I anticipate for the contextual initiative is lack of adequate financial resources in school to support the employment of the full-time, qualified and registered nurse.

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