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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Self Evaluation

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Self Evaluation


Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Self Evaluation. Then, I will come up with the possible strategies to implement them to ensure that I succeed.

To successfully complete the program, I will have to be hard working. This is a very important goal that will make it much possible for me to move closer to my main objective. To be hard working means to spend my time doing what is expected of me. So, my strategy for implementing this goal is that most of my time will be spent warming books and other non-book reading materials that are available in the school library. It is only through reading and conducting of research that I will manage to grasp the content of all the subjects that I am currently studying (McClelland, 2003). Hard work will also encompass the initiative of personal studies, group work and consultations with my instructors, seniors and class mates. Hard work is a fundamental value for a good student because it can make it much possible for me to successfully complete the program and succeed.

The other goal that will propel me to success is time management. As a student, I need to acknowledge the fact that time is one of the most valuable resources I have at my disposal. At no time should it be misused because, as the saying goes, ‘time wasted can never be recovered.’ To avoid any regrets, I will have to make the best of my time (Reiss, 2002). The first strategy for implementing this goal is through having a well planned personal time table. In my time table, I will have to allocate enough time for each and every activity that I will be doing on day to day basis. However, this will be in line with the general school schedule. If I do this, I will get time to read each and every subject without forgetting about any of them. The other strategy is that I will use is to be disciplined and strictly comply with my schedule at all times.

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