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Homework answers / question archive / an research paper on the effect of environmental conditions on child development

an research paper on the effect of environmental conditions on child development


an research paper on the effect of environmental conditions on child development. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The presence of positivity has a positive impact on his personality and plays a great role in shaping him as a person. Being subjected to mental stress from arguments like bullying, parents fighting, and harsh teacher-student relationships etc. impacts child development as well and many instances suggest negative implications on their adult life as a result.

This paper will shed light on the impact of three key exposures of a child on his/her life. Since children look up to and spend the most time with their parents, we consider family. Secondly, children are sent to schools where they are socially interacting with children and adults’ alike and gaining education which helps shapes their mindset and perceptions. Lastly, the impact of neighborhood on children where they play and are subjected to environmental factors as well as social ones.

The first people that a child gets to know in this world are his family. Being a child, he tends to look up to the elders, learn from them, imitate them and be influenced by their behavior. The fragility of their minds makes the impact of a slightly odd incident a highly magnified one. Thus, it is important to ensure that the child has a positive and healthy family environment to grow up in for his psychological well-being and development.

The impact of divorced parents or single parent upbringing has been highlighted by many studies. Growing up without one of the parents or being exposed to heated parent arguments has a highly negative impact on a child’s mind. Many studies show that such children tend to grow up to be aggressive, non-committal, hesitant for romance, timid etc. many other factors like a parent-child relationship, family conflicts, family variables like income, background etc. and individual attributes like the mental and physical health of either parents or siblings, also play a great role in shaping one’s&nbsp.personality.

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