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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic how does a computer program work

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic how does a computer program work


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic how does a computer program work. PCs are an agglomeration of many different components that are geared to achieve the same goal which is to allow the user to perform tasks on the computer and get the desired results. PCs are used in all households by more or less all members of the family. from the 5-year-old son who tries to learn the alphabets to a 90-year-old granny who uses it to pass time while everyone else has gone for work. Whether a PC is used for typing a word document or sending emails or browsing the internet, it does a lot more functions than we speculate (White, Ron). These functions are carried out at a nanosecond-level so when we work on a PC we never get delays despite all the functions being carried out inside a PC.

When we look at a computer, we see the basic parts which include the Central Processing Unit (CPU) or the PC tower in layman terms, a monitor or a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse. We may have other peripherals such as a webcam, printer, speakers etc but these are not the basic components that help in the smooth running of the computer.

What happens when we send a command to the computer is one question that all PC users would have in mind. The command can be a computer program, a simple click, a typed word or anything for that matter. In order to understand the whole process, we need to define some other components that lie within the CPU which is the brain of the computer. The CPU is the control center of the computer and it is here that all data input which comes from the keyboard gets modified and processed so that we could get our desired output. The CPU contains very extensive circuitry that is used in the execution of the stored program instructions. The CPU contains two parts, the processing unit and the memory (Young, Roger). The processing unit can be further classified into the arithmetic/logic unit and the control unit. The control unit does not execute the program but it directs the other parts of the system to do so.&nbsp.

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