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Homework answers / question archive / Assessment 1     This assessment consists of three (3) assessments, all of which must be completed

Assessment 1     This assessment consists of three (3) assessments, all of which must be completed


Assessment 1



This assessment consists of three (3) assessments, all of which must be completed.


The instructions to complete this assessment are included on the following page. Follow the instructions with each question.


This assessment should take you about eight (8) hours to complete.



When you are confident that you have met all requirements for this assessment task, upload your file using myIvy for marking.

















Assessment Task 1: Developing a performance management process



Review the hypothetical scenario detailed below and respond to the questions in Assessment Tasks 1, 2 and 3.


Scenario or background information




ABC Financial Services Board has mandated the establishment of a new call centre in Brisbane as part of its operational and strategic planning. This action follows advice received from XYZ management consultants who identified the need for a 24/7 marketing and sales strategy.


The HR Director of ABC Financial Services has engaged you as the HR Consultant to assist with developing an integrated performance management system for the new call centre.


 Organisational objectives, operational and personnel


To assist you with your role the following strategic objectives, operational, personnel and role description particulars are outlined below.


 Strategic objectives


Detailed below are two main strategic objectives for the operation of the Call Centre.


‘The Call Centre will provide a comprehensive service delivery for all customers who are either unable to attend our branch network, or who prefer to access our services in a more flexible way. Our consultants will be empowered to collective all necessary information to assess and approve as appropriate customer applications for finance in our three target products’. ‘The Call Centre will be responsible for enabling our next wave of business growth, with sales targets of 10% of total lending to be undertaken via this Centre by the end of year 1, increasing to 20% of total lending by the end of year 3’.




The Call Centre operational purpose is to provide a range of loan products to customers including:


  • Credit cards


  • Home loans



  • Personal loans.


 The personnel required for the Call centre includes:


  • Call Centre Manager


  • Three (3) team leaders assigned responsibility for one of the loan products 
  • Ten (10) Sales Consultants assigned to a loan product.








Call Centre








Team Leader


Credit Cards



Team Leader


Home Loans



Team Leader


Personal Loans












In total, the total number of staff to be recruited is thirty four (34) dissected as follows:


  • One (1) Call Centre Manager


  • Three (3) Team Leaders



  • Thirty (30) Sales Consultants.

Job descriptions

Detailed below are extracts from the job descriptions for the roles at the Call Centre.


 Call Centre Manager


The job responsibilities and key performance areas (KPA’s) include:


  • Managing the daily operation of the Call Centre and ensuring compliance with regulatory and industry practice standards


  • Setting and maintaining targets for speed, efficiency, sales and quality including sales revenue established as 10% of all lending approved by Sales Consultants by Quarter 4 of Year 1


  • Coordinating staff recruitment and liaising with HR staff on administrative and procedural matters


  • Reviewing the performance of staff, identifying training needs and planning training sessions


  • Organising staffing, including shift patterns and the number of staff required to meet customer demand


  • Ensuring customer satisfaction rating for the call centre is in the ‘Net Promoter’[1] range for all products


  • Maintaining up to date knowledge of industry developments and involvement in networks



  • Coaching, motivating and retaining staff and coordinating bonus, reward and incentive schemes


  • Recording statistics, user rates and the performance levels of the centre and preparing reports


  • Forecasting and analysing data against budget figures on a periodic basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)


Team Leader



The job responsibilities and key performance areas (KPA’s) include:


  • Provide daily direction and communication to sales consultants to promote efficiency with the answering of customer service calls


  • Ensure that the Net Promoter product score is achieved in the division, benchmarked ‘Time on Task’[2] periods and product sales targets met


  • Generation of division reports for the Call Centre Manager on a periodic basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly)


  • Facilitate feedback to the team and individual sales consultants on performance outcomes


  • Daily availability to deal with team members employee work related concerns and issues


  • Ensure that team and individual sales consultants have appropriate training to meet their needs


  • Address workplace dispute and performance concerns in line with regulatory and organisational policy and procedures


  • Assist the Call Centre Manager with the daily operation of the Call Centre including staff development, training, marketing and scheduling needs




 Sales Consultants


The job responsibilities and key performance areas (KPA’s) include:


  • Ensuring timely contact with customer inquiries in line with ‘time on task’ [3] requirements


  • Follow up actions on customer requests in a timely way including desired information


  • Identify additional services by recognising opportunities to up sell accounts creating value adding to the organisation


  • Meeting monthly loan and sales targets in accordance with team and individual budget requirements


  • Active resolution of customer issues and minimization of customer complaints in line with organizational policy and procedure


  • Daily updating and maintenance of customer inquiries and database in line with organisational process and procedures


  • Active participation in learning and training development activities including completion of any competency testing requirements


  • Demonstrated capacity to work as a team member including sound communication, rapport and cooperation with stakeholders.


The HR Director has provided you with the suggested performance criteria, time on task and net promoter score particulars detailed below.


  • Achieving Sales Target


  • Ensuring their time available for contact meets or exceeds requirements. (Time On Task)


  • Realising a positive Net Promoter Score






Product Division

Average Waiting Time

Maximum Waiting Time

Credit Cards

3 minutes

6 minutes

Home Loans

5 minutes

10 minutes

Personal Loans

4 minutes

8 minutes






Loans Approved


Sales Targets (Monthly)

Per Staff





Per Staff


Per Product


Credit Cards





Home Loans












  • Targets based on 20 working day per month


  • Average Credit Card Limit Modelled: $5,000


  • Average Home Loan Modelled: $300,000


  • Average Personal Loan Modelled: $12,000


Time on Task


Each Sales Consultant has an allocated time they are required to be available for calls. A rate of 95%, or 228 minutes, has been established as the benchmark.

Net Promoter Score


After each call the customer will be required to rate the customer services based on the three questions. (On a scale of 0 to 9, with 0 being very poor and 9 being excellent).


  • Were you satisfied that your enquiry was appropriately resolved by our consultant?


  • Were you satisfied with the efficiency and professionalism of our consultant?


  • Would you recommend our services to a friend or family member?

A score of 8 or 9 is deemed as a positive score (+1)

A score of 6 or 7 is deemed as a neutral score (0)


A score of 5 or below is deemed to be a negative score (-1)


The net promoter score, for each question, is the running total of scores obtained. An overall positive net promoter score would occur when the total of all responses exceeds 0 (i.e. there are more positive scores than negative scores).


Assessment Task 1: Develop integrated performance – management processes



You should respond to the questions outlined in Parts 1 and 2.


Part 1 – Performance management processes


Imagine that you are the HR Manager for ABC Financial Services and you have been asked to develop the performance management system for the Call Centre. You should bear in mind the organisational objectives identified in the scenario provided.


Outline the key features of an integrated performance management system


  1. Outline (5) five benefits to ABC Financial Services of an integrated performance management system. (Estimated length: 250 words)


  1. The key stages of an organisation implementing a performance management system can be broadly categorised as follows.


    • Clarification of objectives


    • Securing management support


    • Preparation of system and supporting documentation


    • Ensuring managers are trained


    • Employees are trained in the system


    • Launching of the system


    • Monitoring and review of the system.


You are required to briefly discuss each of these stages in the context of a call centre. (Estimated length: 750 words)

Part 2 – Key Performance Indicators


  1. Outline and discuss (5) five stages used in developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for employees in the Call Centre.

(Estimated length: 250 – 300 words)


  1. Identify and describe (3) three common mistakes made with the development of KPI’s in an organisation for employees? 

(Estimated length: 250 – 300 words)


  1. The HR Director in consultation with the Board has benchmarked

 (3) three key performance areas (KPA’s) for the Call Centre as detailed below:


    1. Customer satisfaction


    1. Sales targets


    1. Operational performance


As HR Manager, you are assisting the Call Centre staff in developing KPIs. Provide at least one example of possible KPIs for the Sales Consultants from each key performance area using the information provided in the case study.



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