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Weekly assignments must be written in the following format (Weekly Written Assignment Format_715.docx


) and students must address the following with NO REPEATS below:

  • Identify one positive specific fact from the video Part 1 above.
  • Identify one negative specific fact from the video Part 2 above.
  • Link a theory/concept from Chapter 2 to a specific fact from the video Part 3 above (Cite chapter and page numbers).
  • Identify the theory/concept and define/explain it. Briefly describe its linkage to the specific fact within the video.

NOTES: 300 words max TOTAL (as in ALL words submitted) on "weekly written assignments" from here on!  You must submit your assignment in the format cited in the example above. (Going forward, you need to adapt this "format" to the requirements for that specific weekly written assignment!) Submit as an attached MS Word file.

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