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Homework answers / question archive / The title of this second assignment is “Two Self-Portraits

The title of this second assignment is “Two Self-Portraits


The title of this second assignment is “Two Self-Portraits.”


First, carefully read this brief overview on self-portraits, “Before the Selfie, the Self-Portrait.”

Next, read about a significant modern British artist, Jo Spence, who took as her subject matter her own health care after being diagnosed with breast cancer. This exhibition guide will give you an overview of her entire career as well as her important healthcare related artwork at the end of her career. It contains both a historical reading of Jo Spence’s work and some of her most important self-portraits.

As final inspiration for your own first self-portrait, look through this Tumblr site of famous self-portraits (you might recognize some of the subjects):

Then create two photographic self-portraits of yourself. Consider how the background, lighting, framing, and color palette (if you use color, black & white is also okay) will communicate information about you as the photograph’s subject. This photograph will be the first half of your assignment. Title this photograph  “SELF PORTRAIT [LAST NAME]”.


After you have successfully created your self portrait, read this brief article on the “We are the 99%” photographers from the Huffington Post. When you’ve finished the first article, read this brief follow-up article in Mother Jones on the creators of the Tumblr photography site.

After you’ve read the two articles, spend some time looking at the “We are the 99%” self-portraits archived here: — (IMPORTANT NOTE: click “PREVIOUS PAGE” link at the bottom of this page to see additional images.)

For the second half of your assignment, you must turn in a “textual self portrait” (a self portrait of you with some hand-written text included, just like the “We are the 99%” self-portraits — think about background, framing, color choices, etc.). This second self portrait can address any cultural, social, gender, economic, or personal issue that you feel is important to you at this moment. Title this portrait “TEXTUAL SELF PORTRAIT [LAST NAME]”.

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