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Homework answers / question archive /  an research paper on soil development and formation

 an research paper on soil development and formation


 an research paper on soil development and formation. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The paper focuses on soil development, color, texture, pH, and structure.

Soil development and formation is a dynamic process than static. Weathering is the process of soil formation and development. Soil weathering is the changing minerals and rocks change through both physically and chemically into the four components. Thus, soil weathering refers to the integral process of soil development (Hillel, 15). Soil undergoes development with numerous chemical, physical, and biological formations to enhance the main process of weathering with the erosion-associated type of activity (Huggett 163). There are five major soil-forming factors identified scientifically over time in the development of soil. These factors include topography, living organisms, climate, parent materials, and time (Fullen and Catt 5).

Parent materials are made of minerals and rocks. As mentioned, the integral soil development process is weathering. thus, when the four soil-forming factors undergo weathering to form smaller particles, which eventually results in soil. It is the basic soil development model. Physical and chemical processes constitute the process of soil formation. The processes include a change in temperature, thawing and freezing, and erosion by ice, water, and gravity. Others that relate to water are drying and wetting. Chemical changes in volume and composition and burrowing living organisms contribute to soil formation (Chesworth 34).

The second factor that influences soil formation is climate. Similarly, as other factors involved in soil formation, the climate varies, hence influencing soil development over time (Oard, Reed, and Hutchinson 72). For instance, the process of precipitation during soil formation results from climate change. Rain is a climate phenomenon influencing the amount of water available in the soil. As water enters the soil, it initiates movements of calcium and chemical compounds of the soil. Passage of water during the erosion process removes chemicals and&nbsp.initiates the weathering process.

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