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Homework answers / question archive / a thesis and an outline on Increase in Assault Cases in Most Learning Institutions across the US

a thesis and an outline on Increase in Assault Cases in Most Learning Institutions across the US


a thesis and an outline on Increase in Assault Cases in Most Learning Institutions across the US. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Most higher learning institutions like the University of California, Southern Oregon University, Ithaca College, and the University of Illinois among others have embraced the LGBT groups and have in solidarity, made substantial moves to support them by providing on-campus accommodation. To facilitate this program, most of these institutions have modified campus hostels so that they can have facilities that support such minority groups. Through the construction of LGBT facilities, institutions honor and respect diversification, change, and human rights but it is a bad idea because it leads to contradictory perceptions among students, which might cause a rift that can limit maximum performance and realization of its objectives.

Self-destructive behavior. Learning institutions are the only hope in the current world that has the capabilities to mold youths into upright adults. With all due respect to human rights, it cannot be considered as freedom of LGBT individuals are allowed to use unique facilities. It is the simplest way of breeding a new form of immorality on campuses. Make you, sexual behaviors among this minority group exposes participants to a very high risk of HIV infection (McDermott et al. 820). Since college life is about peer influence, if LGBT dominates in most campuses, even innocent students can be influenced and easily converted into LGBT behavior. Does it sound cool to have a whole school or country full of the newly found third gender? To prevent such self-destructive behavior, colleges should not support such projects and should treat students on the basis of the original gender. male or female and nothing more.

Segregation. As cohorts that act as a unifying factor and an element to promote ethnic and religious diversity, building LGBT hostels promotes discrimination because of segregation. While the LGBT individuals will be a happy lot for being favored or considered special, the remaining majority will feel separated from their classmates and friends. Therefore, to avoid such scenarios, University management and the Ministry of Higher Learning&nbsp.should detest from this form of discrimination and let students intermingle and share facilities. There is nothing special about LGBT individuals that other students do not have.

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