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5. What are the requirements for making the diagnosis of intellectual disability?

6. Describe the controversy around the issue of whether IQ tests are culture-fair.

11. What are some of the reasons that more boys are treated for psychological problems than are girls, but more women are treated in therapy than are men?

12. Discuss the primary stages of adult development and the major life-cycle transitions associated with moving from one stage to another.

Single Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation : Explain the experiments by Amassian et al. (1989)


What did the researchers want to find out, and what did their results show? Briefly discuss two limitations of their study.


(Around 200 words)

After reading "The Chrysanthemums," answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. Elisa works inside a fence on her chrysanthemums. What is the symbolism of the fence and these flowers in relationship to her marriage to Henry? Who enters? Who does not?

2. What is the true motive of the traveling salesman and what kind of thoughts and feelings does Elisa share with the salesman? How does Elisa act after the salesman leaves? Why?

3. Elisa sees the discarded flowers on the side of the road. What change takes place in her? Why ask for wine with dinner and go to see the prizefights? How do these reactions relate to her marriage to Henry?

4. What is a theme of this story? Theme is the idea of the story or the lesson you learn about life - in this story: marriage.


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