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Homework answers / question archive / Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic My Literacy about English

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic My Literacy about English


Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic My Literacy about English. I had to take help from various sources to learn English like movies, magazines, attending English seminars, watching the news, internet, radio, etc. But things were not that easy as I believed. It took me nearly more than a year to finally get hold of the language.

Although I learned the language I still struggle in pronouncing most of the words. For any Chinese, it is a heavy task to get all the English words pronounced correctly as our language speaks more of tone and does not have much sound like in English. It is indeed difficult for a Chinese to understand the appearance of English words. A few of my friends suggested me to communicate more with English speakers to get the fluency and stronghold on the language. I believe to understand any language it is important to know the culture of that country. Going out daily, taking active participation in college programs, mingling more with western people, celebrating their festivals, etc. It is entertaining and beneficial to talk to western people as you can get to know more about their culture and thought processes. Our culmination of thoughts depends on the language we learned as a child. It lays a tremendous influence on the way we speak and think. Similarly, it was difficult for me to cultivate my thoughts in a new language like English.

The early days of my stay in the US were hard as communication with locals was limited. I had to show signs and expressions to convey my message. I think English is a challenging language for any Chinese as the linguistic style is completely different from English. For me speaking English was never easy. Every weekend I used to go out with my fellow students to watch English movies.&nbsp. Not only this I started to watch a lot of chat shows and popular soaps like friends, Oprah Winfrey show, The Simpsons, X-files, and the list go on. Today I believe I am proficient in the language but still I fail to pronounce most of the words correctly. Every day I made it a point to learn a new English word. I also gave a deliberate attempt to communicate more with native speakers of English. This improved my language as well as learning skills. Being Chinese I was used to speaking in a tonal way which is the specialty of our language. When I started to speak English it sounded tonal to many of my friends. Unlike Chinese, I had to stress every word of English and pronounce it correctly.


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