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Homework answers / question archive / I will pay for the following article Critical appraisal of a Harrogate Stakeholder framework

I will pay for the following article Critical appraisal of a Harrogate Stakeholder framework


I will pay for the following article Critical appraisal of a Harrogate Stakeholder framework. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The skills required for organizations of such events include a competitive bidding process, incentives and reward schemes and exposure to risks. Knowledge of appropriate marketing tools such as virtual events that allows people to participate in destination events by obtaining materials from the web is vital.

As a leading British conference and exhibition town, Harrogate’s poor infrastructure is detrimental to its status as an International event destination. Poor transport links and lack of hotel rooms caused one of the major visitor organizations to change its destination to Manchester. In working with other stakeholders groups, the destination will benefit a lot. This is so because, the government will act as a catalyst in speeding up the destinations promotion, through policy and legislative formulations as well as funding. Since there lacks good service link of the town with other major towns such as London, while traffic congestion is huge during major events, the collaboration of the destination with the government and other relevant authorities will see it benefit in terms of improved transport facilities. Other organizations such as the Puma hotel will enable t provide ample facilities to satisfy its clientele and build a good reputation for more visits from other different groups. There are two major aspects that can be applied to ensure that this Event Destination is no longer in a losing end. The application of the Inter-organizational Relationship and Organization theory, coupled with the Gartrell’s destination team model. Harrogate is a popular destination due to its exhibition halls, integrated and sophisticated conference, excellent accommodation, spacious parklands and gardens, hotels, bars and restaurants located in close proximity, its competitiveness is deterred by the transport infrastructure. Compared to the city of Manchester which has convention facilities, range of accommodation and convenient transport infrastructure, the town of Harrogate is not as competitive. The city of Manchester has been ranked one of the world's most successful conference destinations (Danny, 1977 p181). According to the Inter-organizational Relationship and Organization theory, the role of stakeholders in an organization ranges from that of cooperating with the organization to that of threatening the organization. An organization cannot be self sufficient, and as such has to depend on its interaction with other organizations and the stakeholders in order to have its activities as a success. The dependence of the organization on the said organizations or stakeholders is determined by the control that the stakeholder has over the resources, which are vital for the existence and running of the organization in question (Sheehan and Ritchie, 2004 p4). Since stakeholders are referred to as those entities that affect or are affected by the operations and the outcomes of an organization, then there is a need to analyze how the different stakeholders are party to the operations and outcomes of thee organizational and rank them accordingly. The entities with a great effect or who are primarily affected by the organizations activities then becomes the forefront concern.

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