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Homework answers / question archive / Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 4: SAM Project 1b Tyler Miller 1

Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 4: SAM Project 1b Tyler Miller 1

MS Word

Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 4: SAM Project 1b

Tyler Miller


As a certified fitness trainer in Charlotte, North Carolina, you have decided to open your own studio to offer personal fitness training to interested clients. To secure a loan to cover start-up costs, you are creating a business plan, which banks require. The business plan summarizes the business, its expenses, and its revenue, and must contain 1000 words or less.  On page 1, expand the character spacing of the paragraph "Overview" by 1.5 point to call attention to the heading.



Change the character spacing.




Format the bulleted list in the "Mission and Objectives" section as follows to make the list more logical and attractive: a. Demote the four bulleted items after the "Attract members through personalized fitness programs." item ("Develop a creative…", "Provide an app…", "Acquire at least…", and "Increase membership…") by one level. b. Change the color of the bullets to Purple, Accent 1 for the two first-level bulleted items ("Attract members…" and "Design an inviting…").



Demote list items.



Change the color of bullets.



Sort the four paragraphs describing workout types in the "Company Summary" section (beginning "Flexibility exercise…" and ending "…running, and dancing.") in ascending order by paragraph.



Sort paragraphs.



On page 2, split and merge cells in the "Start-Up Summary" table and insert a formula as follows to make the table easier to interpret: a. Split the cell containing the text "Expense Type Amount" into 2 columns and 1 row. b. Insert a formula in cell C9 (the cell to the right of the "Total Expenses:" cell) that sums the values above the cell. c. Merge cells A2 to A8 (the cell containing "Estimates only" and the six cells below it).



Split a table cell.



Merge table columns.



Insert a formula in a table cell.



Format the "Start-Up Summary" table as follows to improve its appearance and usefulness: a. Change the top and bottom cell margins to 0.03 for all cells in the table. b. Shade row 1 (the header row) using the Gold, Accent 5, Lighter 60% shading color. c. Change the direction of the "Estimates only" text so that it reads from bottom to top.  d. Resize column C to fit the cell contents using AutoFit.



Change the margins of a table cell.



Apply shading to a table cell.



Change the direction of text in a table cell.



Resize a column using AutoFit.



Format and sort the table in the "Year 1 Sales" section as follows to make the table more useful as a reference and to coordinate with the "Start-Up Summary" table: a. Sort the table in descending order by the numbers in the "Total" column without sorting the header row. b. Change the color of all the table borders to Gold, Accent 5 to match the color of the "Start-Up Summary" table. c. Distribute the rows in the table. d. Change the width of column D (the "Total" column) to 1.3". e. Align the dollar amounts in the "Total" column using Align Center Right.



Sort a table.



Change the color of table borders.




Distribute table rows.



Align text in a table column.



Resize a table column.



Format the shaded "Contact Information" section at the bottom of page 2 as follows to set it apart from the rest of the document: a. Change the indentation of the two paragraphs ("Contact Information" and "Contact Valentina Rivera…") to a 0.5" Left Indent. b. Format the heading text "Contact Information" in Small caps to distinguish it from other headings.



Change the paragraph indentation.



Change the font case.



Update the field after the "Number of words:" text to accurately reflect the number of words in the document.



Update the word count.



Insert a Draft 2 watermark to emphasize that the document is being developed. [Mac Hint: Insert a Text watermark using the Draft option. Change the Transparency to 50%.]



Insert a watermark.



Add a cover page as follows to create a professional opening page for the document: a. Insert the Slice (Dark) cover page. b. Type Rivera Personal Training as the document title. c. Type Business Plan as the document subtitle.



Insert a cover page.



Enter text in the document title placeholder.



Enter text in the document subtitle placeholder.


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