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Homework answers / question archive / Term Paper Instructions: Important: Please be sure you download from here and use the attached APA Single Topic 7th Edition Template to complete this assignment

Term Paper Instructions: Important: Please be sure you download from here and use the attached APA Single Topic 7th Edition Template to complete this assignment

MS Word

Term Paper Instructions:

Important: Please be sure you download from here and use the attached APA Single Topic 7th Edition Template to complete this assignment. It will be very helpful for you to use this template created specially to help with this exercise, you will understand what I am talking about when you open it!

This is a mandatory assignment instated and close supervised directly by EU's administration in this class and all I do is to enforce it.

You need to write a paper that uses Everglades University's Online library resources to research about the use of computers in real world settings.

Please keep it 'extremely' simple and plain as possible because this is NOT either a computer science or technical class; therefore, keep it at a general school/office level, in other words again, the simpler the better!

The purpose of this assignment is:

  1. To familiarize students with the use of Online Library resources available at EU. The use of EU's Online Library is mandatory.
  2. To ensure students are able to write papers according to APA writing style guidelines. APA format is mandatory.

Note: If you use Internet links that are not in the EU's online library/LIRN database (it will show in our validation software) or your textbook as source for references your paper will not be accepted and you will receive an automatic '0'. Please remember this is a 'Library Assignment' and you are required to use EU's Online Library.

The most important goal for this assignment in this class is to be sure you learn how to use MS Word’s tools to properly create a source lists to generate in-text citations and later a references list (MS Word generated, NOT simply typed and formatted one by one like if you were using and old mechanical typewriter).

We are going to learn how to get the most from the technology we are learning this month that you will use and take advantage of for many years after this class.

After this class you will not have to waste time anymore dealing with errors regarding citations or references when writing your papers, MS Word will do the job for you and that will allow you to focus on other important tasks, like the core content of your papers.
You are learning to work smarter, not harder, to be more productive, achieving more in less time with less effort.

In case you need more information on APA, you may visit the Everglades University Library home page or call directly the librarian (they are the experts about APA at EU and in charge of the APA tutoring sessions).

Also you can review the following too:


  • Assignment Topic: MS Office Integration.
    • To make this assignment as simple as possible, all you must do is to write about the use of the computer applications we are studying this month in real world settings. For instance, you can write about how you use or plan to use these applications at home or workplace, or about somebody that you know or a business that use these programs. Please try to keep it as simple as possible, just follow the instructions in the assignment’s page of the web class and you will do great!
    • As we cover the syllabus each week, you will be gaining new knowledge and understanding about these concepts and how these programs can be combined and ‘integrated’ to solve our business needs. Please read Chapter 22 in your book "Integrating Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint" to learn more about this topic and have a better idea about what to look for in your research to write about.
  • General Guidelines:
    • You must use APA writing style guidelines to write your paper.
    • After conducting your research, write to present your findings and in a very simple way or tell how these applications affect your work, position, and/or field of expertise to make you more productive in the office activities you are or will be performing soon or even here at Everglades University while attending your classes.
    • In this class ONLY, I want you to keep your research very simple/basic.
    • I need you to focus on the APA writing style format of your assignment and learning the correct use of MS Word controls and features to write a paper that conforms with APA writing style guidelines format, this way you will be ready for the rest of your classes and will be using MS Word the correct way for that.
  • Requirements:
    • Assignment MUST be submitted as a Word document. (.docx or .doc)
    • Contains at least four pages:
      • Page one: Title (AKA for many students as Cover Page).
      • Page two: Abstract (Remember NOT to indent the abstract section).
      • Page three: Body (At least two short paragraphs of any length that will allow you to insert the required in-text citations).
      • Last Page: References (At least 3 different that must come from the source list you created in the Insert Citation Source list).
    • Font type: Times New Roman.
    • Font size: 12 points for everything in your document.
    • Font color: Black.
    • Alignment: Left align.
    • Line Spacing: Double space.
    • Paragraph Spacing: None after each paragraph.
    • Quote from the article(s) when appropriate and use at least three proper Word generated in-text citations in the paper’s Body conforming to APA writing style guidelines.
    • References must be MS Word generated from using the source list created to insert the required citations.
    • Must include page numbers in all pages, right aligned.
    • No spelling and grammar mistakes.
    • Paper Body must use a header (AKA as title of the page).

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