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Lolly Water Company makes lemonade


Lolly Water Company makes lemonade. Lolly Water Company normally sells 34,000 bottles of lemonade for $4 per bottle. The cost to manufacture the lemonade is $1.50 per bottle. Management of Lolly Water Company have undertaken some research and have determined that further processing of the lemonade could convert the product into raspberry-lemonade flavor. Lolly Water Company could sell the raspberry-lemonade for $5.50 per bottle and would incur variable processing costs to convert the lemonade to raspberry-lemonade of $1.50 per bottle. Variable selling costs for lemonade are $1.00 per bottle, but for the raspberry-lemonade would be $0.80 per bottle. Based on this information, assuming Lolly Water Company can sell 34,000 bottles of raspberry/lemonade: Should Lolly Water Company process the lemonade further into raspberry-lemonade? Support your answer with calculations.

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