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Homework answers / question archive /  Consider the gold standard system

 Consider the gold standard system


 Consider the gold standard system. Answer the questions in the cases below (They are different cases.)

2.a. Consider the situation that the price-specie-flow mechanism in Home was real-appreciating Home currency. In which was Home's balance of payments: Deficit, Surplus, or Equilibrium? Was the gold inflowing into Home country or outflowing to Foreign country?

Balance of Payments:

Inflow or Outflow?

2.b. Consider the situation that Home central bank decided to follow the rule of game because there was a strong incentive to follow it. In which was Home’s balance of payments: Deficit, Surplus, or Equilibrium? In the situation, how was the price-specie-flow mechanism changing nominal money supply: Decrease, Increase, or No change?

Balance of payments:

Nominal money supply:

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