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Homework answers / question archive /    Watch Me Grow – DRDP (2015) –Language and Literacy       Directions:   Observe one of the physical development videos

   Watch Me Grow – DRDP (2015) –Language and Literacy       Directions:   Observe one of the physical development videos


   Watch Me Grow – DRDP (2015) –Language and Literacy






Observe one of the physical development videos.


Write down your observation on a separate piece of paper and then copy it on to the form below    (this form must be typed)


Check the box next to the Measure or Measures that this observation corresponds to. All you have to do is click on the box to have it checked.


Make sure you write down the name of the video that you watched


When you submit the form

    • Please put your name on it
    • You do not need to submit this first page (directions page)



Student Name:                                                                      Name of Video:

? ATL-REG 1: Attention Maintenance*

? ATL-REG 2: Self-Comforting*

?ATL-REG 3: Imitation*

? ATL-REG 4: Curiosity and Initiative in Learning

?ATL-REG 5: Self-control of Feelings and Behavior

?ATL-REG 6: Engagement and Persistence

? ATL-REG 7: Shared Use of Space and Materials

? SED 1: Identity of Self in Relation to Others

? SED 2: Social and Emotional Understanding

? SED 3: Relationships and Social Interactions with Familiar Adults

? SED 4: Relationships and Social Interactions with Peers

? SED 5: Symbolic and Sociodramatic Play

? LLD 1: Understanding of Language (Receptive)

? LLD 2: Responsiveness to Language

? LLD 3: Communication and Use of Language (Expressive)

? LLD 4: Reciprocal Communication and Conversation

? LLD 5: Interest in Literacy

? LLD 6: Comprehension of Age-Appropriate Text

? LLD 7: Concepts About Print

? LLD 8: Phonological Awareness

? LLD 9: Letter and Word Knowledge

? LLD 10: Emergent Writing



? ELD 1: Comprehension of English (Receptive English) 

? ELD 2: Self-Expression in English (Expressive English)

? ELD 3: Understanding and Response to English Literacy Activities

? ELD 4: Symbol, Letter, and Print Knowledge in English

? COG 1: Spatial Relationships*

? COG 2: Classification

? COG 3: Number Sense of Quantity

? COG 4: Number Sense of Math Operations

? COG 5: Measurement

? COG 6: Patterning

? COG 7: Shapes

? PD-HLTH 1: Perceptual-Motor Skills and Movement Concepts

? PD-HLTH 2: Gross Locomotor Movement Skills

? PD-HLTH 3: Gross Motor Manipulative Skills

? PD-HLTH 4: Fine Motor Manipulative Skills

? PD-HLTH 5: Safety*

? PD-HLTH 6: Personal Care Routines: Hygiene*

? PD-HLTH 7: Personal Care Routines: Feeding*

? PD-HLTH 8: Personal Care Routines: Dressing*

? PD-HLTH 9: Active Physical Play*

? PD-HLTH 10: Nutrition*

Watch Me Grow – DRDP (2015) –Language and Literacy Development

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