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Homework answers / question archive / The relationship between I/O Psychology and Human Resources makes a lot of theoretical sense

The relationship between I/O Psychology and Human Resources makes a lot of theoretical sense


The relationship between I/O Psychology and Human Resources makes a lot of theoretical sense. But how do I/O psychologists function within the HR departments of current organizations? The answer might be as diverse as our organizations are today. However, we can still identify critical areas where I/O psychologists have made key evidence-based improvements in current HR practices. In many cases, the partnership between I/O and HR has made both fields stronger as the theoretical and practical come together. In the Cohen (2008) reading this week, the author discussed this crucial collaboration. For our discussion, integrate this article into your discussion of the trends discussed in the Cascio and Aguinis text.

Prepare a posting that responds to the following:

  • Cite one key point from the Cascio and Aguinis readings. In chapters 1, 3, and 6 of Cascio and Aguinis, you learned about current applications of psychology in organizations. From these chapters, cite one key point that you would consider your “golden nugget” of information. This would be one or two lines that surprised you or made an impact on the way you see this course material. The golden nugget could also be something you want to remember and investigate more in this course. Cite the page number appropriately and explain why you chose this passage and make sure you cite the page.
  • Choose an example of an HR function in an organization and discuss how I/O psychology can help inform the related processes from a strategic HR approach.
    • What might this I/O + HR relationship look like? Think practically here as you generate and share ideas on how this might look in an HR department with which you are familiar. 
    • What are the common goals of the respective professional associations (SIOP and SHRM)? How do SIOP and SHRM play a role in supporting each other’s initiatives, specific to the HR function you chose as your example?
  • In closing, comment on whether or not you are a current member of either organization or have participated in membership activities or attended a conference in the past.
  • Visit both Web sites and research the student membership application.
    • Would this be a valuable investment for you and do you plan on joining?
    • What do you believe are the top three benefits of becoming a member for you and your personal career goals?

Response Guidelines

Respond to two other learners. Your responses to other learners are expected to be (a) substantive in nature and to reference the assigned readings, as well as to (b) synthesize and cite peer-reviewed journal articles found in your search of the library's journal databases and other empirical and theoretical literature to support your views and writings.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

  • Identify the theories that have contributed to human resource management.
  • Analyze the contribution of psychology to human resource management practices.
  • Identify the psychological constructs that are inherent in human resource management.

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