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Homework answers / question archive / Louisiana State University PSYC 2070 Chapter 2: two biological beginnings 1)A developing fetus with XX chromosomes as the 23rd pair will Select one: a

Louisiana State University PSYC 2070 Chapter 2: two biological beginnings 1)A developing fetus with XX chromosomes as the 23rd pair will Select one: a


Louisiana State University

PSYC 2070

Chapter 2: two biological beginnings

1)A developing fetus with XX chromosomes as the 23rd pair will Select one:

a.            will usually develop as a female.

b.            will most likely develop as a male, but may be born intersexed.

c.             will always develop as a male.

d.            certainly be born with female genitals, but may have male gonads.

2.            One advantage of sexual reproduction is that combining genes of two parents increases

                in the population. Select one:

a.            genetic variability

b.            cloning

c.             mutations

d.            epigenetics

3.            The units of hereditary information that act as a blueprint for cells to reproduce themselves and

manufacture the proteins that maintain life are . Select one:

a.            DNA

b.            ribosomes

c.             genes

d.            chromosomes

4.            If the SRY gene turns on at the right time in the right place; Select one:

a.            sexual development of the fetus will be stopped until the third month of development.

b.            homologous structures will become masculinized.

c.             the fetus will become a baby girl.

d.            gonads will become ovaries and drop from the abdomen.

5.                           is a genetic disorder characterized by the build-up of thick sticky mucus in the

lungs, digestive tract, and other areas of the body. Select one:

a.            Cystic fibrosis

b.            Fragile X syndrome

c.             Sickle Cell Anemia

d.            Kleinfelter's Syndrome

6.            The        view suggests that development is the result of an ongoing, bi-directional

interchange between heredity and the environment Select one:

a.            biological

b.            environmental

c.             genetic

d.            epigenetic

7.            In this genetic disorder, the body’s red blood cells take on a hook shape instead of the normal

round shape. Select one:

a.            agranulocytosis

b.            Tay-Sach’s disease

c.             leukemia

d.            sickle-cell anemia

8.            A strategy that can help to prevent neural tube defects is for women to take: Select one:

a.            food that is not contaminated with mercury.

b.            adequate amount of the vitamin B folic acid.

c.             medication for diabetes.


d.            food rich in vitamin C.

9.            Fragile X syndrome occurs more often in              . Select one:

a.            females

b.            African Americans

c.             Latinos/Hispanics

d.            Males

10.          In the video illustrating Tay-Sachs Disease, Hayden inherited the defect from     . Select


a.            his father

b.            both his mother and his father

c.             neither his mother nor his father because Tay-Sachs is not a genetic disorder

d.            his mother

11.          Behavioral geneticists believe that behaviors are determined by               . Select one:

a.            only environmental factors

b.            a continuous interaction between biological and environmental factors

c.             biological factors at birth and environmental factors throughout the rest of life

d.            only biological factors

12.          Jerome and Tyrone are fraternal twins. This means that: Select one:

a.            they developed from a single egg that was fertilized by two different sperm

b.            they developed from a single egg that was fertilized by a single sperm

c.             they developed from two eggs that were fertilized by two different sperm

d.            they developed from two eggs that were fertilized by a single sperm

13.          Exposure to alcohol or radiation during vulnerable periods of fetal develop can interfere with

brain development. Both of these teratogens cause damage by Select one:

a.            causing neurons to split.

b.            causing the mother to lose interest in eating and thereby starving the newly developed 2q

fetal brain cells.

c.             interfering with the closing of the spinal column.

d.            interfering with neuronal migration.

14.          During Invitro Fertilization, conception occurs Select one:

a.            In the uterus.

b.            in the ovaries.

c.             in the Fallopian Tubes.

d.            in the laboratory.

15.          The Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer technique involves a process where fertilization occurs

                .  Select one:

a.            in the Fallopian tube

b.            in the uterus

c.             in the laboratory

d.            in the cervix

16.          If chorionic villus sampling is performed to determine if a woman's fetus is genetically normal,

this involves       . Select one:

a.            taking a blood sample from the fetus

b.            drawing a sample of the fluid that surrounds the baby in the womb


c.             taking a sample of the placenta during pregnancy

d.            taking a blood sample from the mother



17.          An egg and a sperm fuse to create a single cell called a   . Select one:

a.            fetus

b.            gamete

c.             zygote

d.            embryo

18.          In the process of meiosis,            . Select one:

a.            the focus is on cell growth and repair

b.            the number of chromosomes present remains the same

c.             two daughter cells are formed

d.            the cells divide into gametes, which have half the genetic material of the parent cell

19.          All of a person’s genetic material is called one's , while observable characteristics

are referred to as            . Select one:

a.            genetics, epigenetics

b.            genome; genotype

c.             genotype; phenotype

d.            phenotype; genotype

20.          Samuel was born with wide-set eyes, a thin upper lip, limb abnormalities, motor and growth retardation, and low intelligence. These characteristics are most often related to

                . Select one:

a.            retardive dyskinesia (RD)

b.            fetal alcohol syndrome

c.             paternal alcoholism

d.            Down's syndrome Incorrect Feedback


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