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Homework answers / question archive / Research and evaluate an actual or existing AIS Project

Research and evaluate an actual or existing AIS Project


Research and evaluate an actual or existing AIS Project.

Part I (Research an AIS project):  Research and identify one financial or accounting system project that is under development or has been implemented recently. The project can be in government or industry. It can be a project that you have experience with and have worked on in the recent past in your company or agency. You can use GAO or another online source to find the project.

·         identify the project and the company or agency the project is being implemented in.

·         briefly describe the purpose of the project.

·         describe any problems it has, or is likely to have, encountered.

·         describe its status, as far as you can tell (still under-development, work-in-process, completed). 

Part II (Discuss your understanding of the AIS project):  With your understanding of the project you researched, please answer the following questions (1-2 paragraphs per question):

·         Summarize your position: do you think that the project is successful? Does it sound like it will be worth the effort?

·         Imagine that you are the Project Manager of this project. Would you do anything differently? Please explain.

·         The guidelines outlined below are considered to be a reasonable “checklist” to help ensure the success of any system development project. Do you agree? Are there other guidelines that you can cite from other reference sources? Were there any steps clearly missed in your project?

Guidelines checklist:

(1) Engage Stakeholders

(2) Simplify Processes

(3) Plan Acquisitions (if software and/or hardware is to be acquired)

(4) Tighten Scope

(5) Commit Resources

(6) Manage Proactively

(7) Work Together

(8) Guide Change

(9) Conduct Reviews

(10) Test Thoroughly

Paper Guidelines

• Page Length: Your response should not exceed four pages (double-spaced) or two pages (single-spaced). Note that the cover page, reference page, and appendix, if provided are excluded from the page count.• References: You will need to include at least four literary references and at least three in-text citations to support your paper. These references must be related directly to the topics covered in the paper. References & citations must be properly formatted as noted below.• Headings: You will need to use headings (short, brief, and centered) to separate each area of your paper. Your headings should have an appropriate title such as Prevention instead of Part IV.• Margins & Font Sizes: Use standard margins (minimum .5"; maximum 1.5") and standard font size (minimum 10 point; maximum 12 point) in your paper.• Writing Style: APA is the preferred writing style, but you can choose any appropriate writing style (e.g. MLA), except that all references are to be formatted via APA.

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