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Homework answers / question archive / 1,400 word maximum short answer responses

1,400 word maximum short answer responses

Health Science

1,400 word maximum short answer responses. The film for question number two was The Social Dilemma.



Please answer all three of the following essay questions. You can use your book / notes. Please be sure to answer all parts of the prompt and to include a detailed response. Please use APA formatting for responses and references.


  1. You are the nurse manager at the Baltimore County Health Department. You know that the Healthy People 2020 Objectives are federal level objectives designed to improve the health of all Americans.  Please pick one of the 12 Leading Health Indicators (priority health issues) of the plan and justify the need for an intervention based on specific county level data. To facilitate a detailed response, you should pick a specific population at risk based on the data.  Please share the data and your sources. Once you have selected the focus topic, describe how you as a public health nurse would work to meet the 2020 objectives for this indicator. Please be sure to identify three Minnesota Wheel CPH nursing interventions you could use to address this issue. For each intervention you pick, what core function of public health are you addressing? (3 paragraphs, 500-600 words) 40 points.


  1. Please describe the main health concern, the environmental concern and two themes of the movie you selected to watch for the virtual environmental health film festival. (3 paragraphs, 300-400 words) 30 points.


  1. How can you see your role as a CNL in helping to improve the health of Baltimore City? What skills and tools that you learned about this semester do you think will be the most helpful? 10 points ( 100 - 200 words approx.)



  1. Please discuss the role of individual level factors on an individual’s health. In your opinion how large a role do these factors play in influencing health? What other factors do you think influence health and how important to you think they are? Do you feel differently now about this than you felt at the beginning of the semester? What is the role of the CNL in influencing these factors? 20 points ( 200 words approx.)

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