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Below is the information for blackberry


Below is the information for blackberry. Your task is to do highlighted ones. Let me know your price and if you need anything else.

Introduction -

  • sampling approach -

  • data collection methods-

  • descriptive statistics-

  • Revised tables or figures based on prior instructor feedback

  • Description or interpretation of the tables or figures

  • inferential statistical analyses

  • Summary of the results of testing the null hypothesis, with a clear statement whether or not the null hypothesis was rejected

  • Answers to the research questions

  • Conclusions that were derived from this study

  • An inconclusive result is acceptable for this project.  Should that be the case, suggest potential future research efforts and a new research questions that might provide more definitive results.

  • Recommendations based on the results

  • Observations (reflection) on the business problem and its solution

  • Research challenges your team experienced in this study

  • Steps to minimize challenges in future research

  • Suggested future research based on your research results, challenges, and implications





Blackberry Inc.




Oct 16, 2016




Blackberry Company was founded in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin. Blackberry Inc. produces a line of smartphones and services. ("Blackberry - Company - Canada"). Blackberry was once considered as one of the major smartphones till 2013, however, with the success of platforms like iOS and Android, Blackberry has lost its market. The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the Blackberry Company. Blackberry once dominated the US market. However, easier use of Android and iOS operating system and touchscreen technology has swept away the business sale of Blackberry. Blackberry mainly concentrated on making their smartphones more secure and maintained the smaller keyboard. It did not take into the account the development of more useful app and gaming which is presently being used in Android and iOS phones. Thus, the revenue of the BlackberryInc. has decreased sharply. Statistical analysis of the revenue versus sales of Blackberry has been done in this paper.

Data Collection and Variable definition

BlackberryInc. has been analyzed on its sales from the year 2007 to 2015 and the revenue generated from smartphones sales worldwide. The sales ( millions of units) and revenue(millions of dollars) are quantitative variables being measured on a ratio scale. The dataset represents the quarterly sales and revenue generated worldwide.

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics of the variables are shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1.

Descriptive statistics



Sales in million of units

Revenue generated(million US dollar)







sample standard deviation



sample variance



















coefficient of variation (CV)




1st quartile






3rd quartile



interquartile range







The mean sale in millions of units is 6.9 whereas the average revenue generated is $2795.36 (million dollars).The standard deviation of sales is 4.15, and for revenue, it is 1505.65.Skewness value of sales is 0.17, and for revenue, it is 0.20.The skewness value of both the variables is positive indicating slight skewness to the right.(Camm,2015) As the skewness value is close to 0, therefore the normal distribution of the variable can be assumed.However, it can be further checked with the normal curve fit graph and the histogram plot.

Histogram Plot

Sales of Blackberry

The below figure 1, represent the histogram plot of sales of Blackberry over the years. From the histogram plot, the sales data for Blackberry can be assumed to be approximately normally distributed. (Freedman, Pisani, and Purves,1978).




Figure1.Histogram of Sales

Revenue of Blackberry

Figure 2 shows the revenue generated by blackberry from 2007 till the first quarter of 2015.It can be seen from the figure that the frequency is maximum in the middle and then decreases both sides. For the below data, revenue generated can be assumed to be normally distributed. (Freedman, Pisani, and Purves,1978)



Figure 2.Histogram plot of revenue generated by blackberry

Scatter Plot

As both the variables are continuous numeric variable, therefore, the best way they can be shown in a relation is with the help of scatter plot. As the independent variable is the sales of Blackberry and the dependent variable is the revenue generated, therefore x-axis will be the sales and y-axis will be revenue generated. Figure 3 shows the scatter of plot revenue vs. sales.



Figure 3.Scatter Plot

The above scatter plot indicates that as the sales of Blackberry increase the revenue generated by Blackberry also increases. It shows a positive relationship between the variable. The coefficient of determination is 0.6156, meaning 61.56% of the variation is revenue is explained by its sales, which indicated the correlation is very strong. Least square regression line can be written as

Revenue = 284.33*Sales+ 832.62

Above equation shows that with the 1 million increase in the sales the revenue increases by 284.33 million of US dollars.


The histogram plot of the two variables indicates that the distribution is close to a normal distribution and hence the most appropriate descriptive will be the mean of the variables. As the revenue of Blackberry is decreasing continuously, therefore there is a need to increase the sales of Blackberry through more innovative technology like including more apps in its mobile phone.Now, people prefer touchscreen handset more as compared to a keyboard.Thus one possible solution can be to introduce touchscreen cell phones at the low price to dominated the market.





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