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Homework answers / question archive / A minimum of seven pages and a maximum of 5 pages

A minimum of seven pages and a maximum of 5 pages


A minimum of seven pages and a maximum of 5 pages. ? APA 6th Edition for paper ? Seven references – with at least three from peer-reviewed journals and do not use the textbook ? Charts, tables, or illustrations included in the text with proper headings (a number, title, date etc.). Consult the APA (American Psychological Association) Manual for help if you need it. These items are not included in the total page count ? Write in the 3rd person – no “I” or “we.” ? The report should be well organized, succinct, and well written. The report should read as a unified piece of work and flow smoothly. It should not read as individual pieces merged into the same file. One-inch margins, Times New Roman – 12 pt font Introduction- a. Highlight the issue of confronting continuous improvement in organizations. b. Define continuous improvement i. “Policy or process within a workplace the help keep the focus on improving the way things are done on a regular basis.” 1. Incremental improvements 2. Larger process improvements c. State thesis statement Body #1 (Employee Performance Issues) a. Identify that there’s a problem b. Ignoring a problem prolongs it c. Confront problems as soon as they appear Body #2 ( Hiring Decisions) a. Do not attack the process uninformed b. Use a suitable selection process c. Get multiple inputs from outside sources

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