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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages with APA style on Varieties Of Personality Theory

Write 5 pages with APA style on Varieties Of Personality Theory


Write 5 pages with APA style on Varieties Of Personality Theory. Freud developed one of the most known works of psychology. Hi venture into the issue on personality and the behavior of humans has helped in making people understand whom they are, why there are how there, their sexuality and the way of thinking and relating to the environment (Hendrik, 1964).

According to Freud, there are several perspectives to which personality can be looked at. His Psychoanalysis perspective is one of the ways that this paper aims at explaining. In this theory, Freud emphasizes that one has a conscience and an unconscious part of their childhood, which prevail, and still manifest even after one reaches adulthood. According to Freud, the psychoanalysis perspective of the theory showed that three concepts. I.e. Id, ego, superego, still reappear in people’s lives and shape lives and personalities.

In this concept, one tends to be more concerned about whom there are in terms of their identity. Therefore, in this concept one tries to unconsciously satisfy his or her pleasures such as sexual, self-esteem and aggressive behavior. He compares the mind with an iceberg where the tip of it represents the conscious mind while the huge bottom part of the unconscious mind. However, this perspective maintains that the Id part, has the largest part of the unconscious mind, and it dictates what people unconsciously desire.

This part dictates what the Id wants and strives at making it a reality in various ways. At times, the reality may come in safe and acceptable means, in the society, while as for insane persons. the medium for achieving these desires might be different. Someone’s Ego according to Freud is responsible for viewing life in a different way and making sure that the desires of both Id and Superego are satisfied.

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