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Need Initial Post of 500 words each


Need Initial Post of 500 words each. I also need twp replies of 100 words each. I will post the replies later. No Plagiarism. Due in 24 hours.

The economy is something that makes each country and the world function on a daily basis. Obviously, there are some serious economic problems that the United States and other countries in the world are experiencing. This is only going to get worse with the global shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Without a functioning economic system within countries and an effective global economic system, what happens the world we all live in today? This video should really make you think, ask questions, and use the economics analysis and critical thinking skills we have been working to develop all semester.

For this assignment, you are to view the video “Four Horsemen” and then reflect on what you have watched by relating the information in the video to the course material. Here is the link for this video on YouTube:

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version(Links to an external site.)

To be eligible for full credit on this assignment, you need to complete the following requirements:

1. Access the Youtube link listed above and view the “Four Horsemen” video.*** You should take thorough notes as you watch the video to help you answer the questions below.

2. After you have watched the video and taken good notes, THOROUGHLY summarize the information, major topics, examples, etc. from this video IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

3. Thoroughly explain how the information in the video relates to the information from the text and the various economic concepts that we have discussed in class to this point, including Chapters 1-18 in your course textbook.

4. List and explain the various ways that the information in the video relates to the overall U.S. economy and the economic decisions or choices that you make in your own life.

5. Where do the economic problems caused by the coronavirus fit into this Four Horsemen analysis? Explain.

6. Provide your thoughts and opinions about the video:

- What are some important and/or surprising things you learn from viewing the video? Did you like or dislike the video? Explain.

- Did you agree with the video’s views on the various issues/problems? Why or why not?

6. What are some short term and long term economic implications of the "Four Horsemen" for the United States?If you were suddenly put in charge of helping to "fix" the issues addressed in the video, how would you approach the "Four Horsemen" and work to make these four main issues "better" for the United States and the world? Explain in some detail and provide support/solid reasoning for your opinions. Try to provide some reliable sources to support your answer and cite those sources.

*** You also need to provide at least TWO SUBSTANTIVE (thorough, thoughtful, detailed, etc.) replies to the posts of your classmates. This video and the topics addressed should create quite an interesting discussion and debate this week.

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