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Homework answers / question archive / Write 14 pages with APA style on CES: Manufacturing Process Selection

Write 14 pages with APA style on CES: Manufacturing Process Selection


Write 14 pages with APA style on CES: Manufacturing Process Selection. The set contained hard material such as aluminum, copper, iron alloys, steel alloys and wrought iron. It also contained soft materials such as ceramics, glasses, plastic and polymer composite components. The choice of processes in the manufacturing also involved diversification by applying a combination of interrelated processes, design of shapes, economic implication of the processes and the performance of the designed products referred to as components in this study. The spectrum of methods available for the linking of the engineering materials and the selection of processes has to ensure both the weight and the surface properties of the components

An example of what the experiment prepares is a heavy load-carrying container. This may need to hold the contents under pressure. The best choice of the materials is Aluminum or steel alloys to be able to sustain the weight. Plastic materials may collapse under such weight. hence they are not suitable for this task. Aluminum is strong, hard, and durable, to make the container keep the load for a longer time in spite of the weight. Lighter weights require light and soft materials such as plastic, ceramics, and paper materials. For example, the production of containers for liquid contents requires either glass or plastic for the production of bottles. The criterion of choosing between the materials is whether the product will be able to sustain the weight and the pressure of the liquids. The decision to select aluminum alloys is derived from the mechanical properties as well as the physical properties of aluminum among other metals. In terms of economics, Aluminum is more affordable among the material. The higher cost would imply that the project is not economically viable, hence less efficiency in spite of the high performance of the containers produced. The CES Selector software assists in the combination of the appropriate materials according to the requirements. The choice of processes and materials are dependent on each other, such that certain materials have to be used in specific processes.&nbsp.

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