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Homework answers / question archive / Question 31 1 / 1 pts Consider the developmental stages of therapy groups discussed in the textbook

Question 31 1 / 1 pts Consider the developmental stages of therapy groups discussed in the textbook


Question 31

1 / 1 pts

Consider the developmental stages of therapy groups discussed in the textbook. In a substance abuse group, the members have become comfortable enough to compete with one another and jockey for status within the group. In which developmental stage is this therapy group?


Second stage


First stage


Fourth stage


Third stage


Question 32

1 / 1 pts

Which of the following is NOT one of the seven stages through which typical intact middle-class American families proceed?


Launching children and moving on in midlife


Leaving home


Resignation and acceptance of death


Joining of families through marriage or union


Question 33

1 / 1 pts

The notions of family structure, subsystems, and boundaries are important components of the type of family therapy practiced by _____.


Irvin Yalom


Steve deShazer and Insoo Kim Berg


Salvador Minuchin


Murray Bowen


Question 34

1 / 1 pts

Lisa’s family is very, very close. In fact, the degree of emotional closeness they have with each other is so great that no member of the family is particularly independent. They always have to be around each other and do things together. From Minuchin’s perspective, this family is demonstrating


an undifferentiated ego mass.








Question 35

1 / 1 pts

As a family therapist, Dr. Langstrom talks to the family he is treating about their family comfort zone or “set point.” In family therapy terms, what Dr. Langstrom is really discussing is _____.


circular causality




communication patterns




Question 36

1 / 1 pts

Dr. Dobson suspects violence and abuse in the relationship of his newest couples’ therapy patients, Hugh and Julie. If he wishes to assess the situation using a method that is more structured and formal than a clinical interview, he is likely to administer the


Sampson’s Worthwhile Abuse Technique (SWAT).


Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS).


At-Home Violence Metric (AVM).


Domestic Abuse Checklist for Children (DACC).


Question 37

1 / 1 pts

The Rothberg family includes parents Mark and Tina and children David and Abigail. Mark and Tina take David to a clinical psychologist because “he is the cause of all problems in our family. If you fix him, everything will be great in our household.” If the psychologist takes a family therapy approach to treatment, he will consider the possibility that, in this situation, David is


in significant competition with his schoolmates.


not Mark and Tina’s biological child.


an identified patient.


really "the cause of all the problem" like Mark and Tina suggested


Question 38

1 / 1 pts

Using solution-focused therapy terms, the question “If your problem disappeared, how would your life be different?” is an example of a(n) _____ question.










Question 39

1 / 1 pts

When providing psychotherapy services to a family,


information related to the psychologist by one family member is always kept in confidence from all other family members.


the clinician must provide the family with a systems-based DSM


psychologists are encouraged to assign an individual diagnosis to one of the family members to facilitate reimbursement from insurance companies.


the ground rules for confidentiality should be established with all family members during the initial consultation.


Question 40

1 / 1 pts

Which of the following statements about intellectual tests for children is TRUE?


The Spanish WISC-IV is generally a poor choice for assessing the intelligence of Puerto Rican children.


The UNIT is a gender-fair intelligence test that may be administered to children.


Robert’s Apperception Test is commonly used to assess the intelligence of very young children.


The Spanish WISC-IV was normed on children from multiple Spanish speaking countries.

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