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Homework answers / question archive / This is the final written assignment in this course

This is the final written assignment in this course


This is the final written assignment in this course. Throughout the course, you should work to infuse information about your couple  and identified patient (Jasmine) in each section. This template is suggested, however, it is recommended that you locate other example clinical assessment reports and juxtapose the information, look toward the research to see if there are other suggested format considerations, and use your own preferences as additional components or as a means to expound further on suggested sections.

I have attached everything that I have completed with couple and IP for example progress notes initial and formal assessments and initial CAR report. It is a lot of material but I need someone to comb through all the material and complete an Clinical Assessment report. I have attached all my work including the step by step directions on how to complete this assignment. I have to infuse the couple and IP in this report. 

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