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Homework answers / question archive / You will prepare and submit a term paper on Difference between Leaders and Managers

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Difference between Leaders and Managers


You will prepare and submit a term paper on Difference between Leaders and Managers. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. ?Difference between Leaders and Managers

In reference with the behavioral theories in leadership, the behavior of a leader is dependent to one’s leadership influences. This is easily reflected in the success of the group under the leader in question. China being a fast growing economy. therefore, we expect leaders in the nation to go by the demands of the economy, which entails high demand of products, as well as strikes and boycotts resulting from employees demanding revision of their salaries. This is normal, as leaders do not expect workers to go with the same wage despite the increase in the cost of living, among other changes resulting from economic growth (Bertocci 12).

Following these theories in leadership, leaders should depict voluntary action. this is the difference between leaders and managers. Leaders in the article are acting like managers, whose role is to control the employees. They fail in their roles as they are supposed to listen to their needs and look for a way forward to create an admirable working environment. Success of leaders has a different interpretation, as it is governed by many variables. this include the leadership styles, aspects of the situation, and quality of followers (Bertocci 22). This means that they have to create a basis to enhance their relationship with employees.

In the recent business world, there is a need for an integrated education system, which will produce effective people in the job market. This is the main objective Ohio States studies. Through this kind of initiatives, business leaders in China will be in a position to relate professionally with both customers and employees, which is the most prominent objective in any organization. With this, industries will eliminate strikes enhance increase their productivity (Bertocci 45). Employees who are not contented with pay in the market will also grasp skills, which will facilitate them in engaging in their own business ventures.

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