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1. How does organized crime differ from traditional crime? 2. Why is defining organized crime important to law enforcement? Prosecutors? 3. Explain some of the United States Commission findings on organized crime? 4. Does the United States definition of organized crime differ from other countries? 5. List and discuss the importance of the RICO Act as a legislative tool? Organized Crime Topic Assessment Guidelines: From your Chapter reading assignments for this week, select one organized crime topic of interest to you. You must use at least four sources in assessing your selected topic. Your course textbook can count as one source. After conducting your research, write a minimum 300 word paper. Your assessment should include the following: o Summary and/or description of your topic o Your supported opinions and beliefs on this topic o Importance and relevance of your topic as it relates to the criminal justice system o Do you plan to do future research into your selected topic o Conclusions Your paper should be written in complete sentences with attention paid to good grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraphing. Please double-space, use 12 point font, and one inch margins. You are encouraged to utilize the Internet and California Southern University's online library resource center to complete the paper. Be sure to cite your resources in the body of your paper, plus, add a References list at the end of your paper using proper APA format. You should cite your resources often in your responses throughout your work.

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