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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on ethical issues in technology

Write a 5 pages paper on ethical issues in technology


Write a 5 pages paper on ethical issues in technology. It is vital to note that the subject of privacy in the workplace has, in recent years, brought so many concerns to employees, employers, information technology professionals, and the community at large. This topic is crucial because it lays a major emphasis on figuring what activities are ethically correct to be practiced in the work environment. Privacy in the workplace further plays a huge role in outlining employees' ethical rights, specifically on the sharing of personal and company information. This topic identifies the ethical dilemma experienced by employees as they experience challenges from their employers, who nowadays enjoy significant authority and opportunity to check their employees’ personal and private data. In essence, the subject of privacy at work aids in identifying the need for employers to review the ethical dimensions in an organization or at work (Green, 2014).

As indicated in the first question, there exists a wide set of debatable concepts on the use of e-mail by employees to send and receive messages or share files with another employee or any other party. This other party can still be a fellow employee in the same company but a different department or branch, an individual (customer), or an employee from another company.

Several sets of research works indicate that employees have, in many cases, used company e-mail accounts to send messages for personal business activities. Due to this practice, employees have been knowingly or unknowingly ended up revealing their respective company’s trade secrets to third parties (Stamatellos, 2007).

To curb the risk of directly exposing crucial company details to a third party, many employees turn into using their personal e-mail accounts at work. In other words, most employees nowadays prefer using their personal e-mail accounts for the transfer and receipt of information that they consider to be private.

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