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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on preparing teens to face future challenges

Write a 5 pages paper on preparing teens to face future challenges


Write a 5 pages paper on preparing teens to face future challenges. But this also leads them to experiment with new things that may make their life difficult. They are becoming prey to various intoxicating substances that tell upon their nervous systems making them unable to have a stable and healthy future.

(b) Involvement in various gangs is a common tendency is seen in this age. Some gangs can lead them to the wrong ways of life. Violence and sex are the two main disorders in most gangs. Other than this some of the gangs are also associated with drug dealing businesses which may make a teenager boy or girl trapped in the illegal world.

(c) Internet with its all advent has lucrative aspects (like pornography) which may show them a wrong way of lifestyle. Students are becoming addicted to this stuff that is hampering their thinking faculty a lot. A future without innovation and personality is futile.

(d) Intoxication and addiction are the two lucrative things that may draw their attention and thus doom their future prospects forever. They take a toll on both body and mind of the young generation and by the time they reach a mature age, they become useless in society or even worse than that.

(e) Media exposes a glamorous world which may distract them from thinking logically for their future. Advertisements, movies – all of them produce a world that is only about the perfect size and shape of the body. Today’s teenagers are not going through any logical or intellectual exercises which can nourish their thinking process.

(f) Problems in their families may put them in mental stress. The number of domestic violence in families is ever-increasing and no one thinks what happens in the children’s minds. Disturbance in the relationship between their parents has the worst effect on their minds. Parents are the people whom they trust and now with all those violence, they lose faith in everything.

(g) Depression problems leading to suicide. Domestic violence and many other problems are continuously disturbing the children’s minds. They feel helpless and lonely. During these turbulent times, they may even take the decisions to commit suicide.

(h) Having unprotected sex leads them to suffer from STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and unwanted pregnancy. In the United States of America, early and unwanted pregnancy has become a major social issue today.

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