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 some assistance with these assignment


 some assistance with these assignment. food and its nature Thank you in advance for the help! Nutritionists and scientists have categorized various groups of foods, and even how they can be combined to maximize its effects on the body. To ensure a healthy and productive population, all the shareholders in the food industry, most especially farmers and producers and vendors offer healthy food products. Vendors should not only consider the prices and ingredients of the products they sell to consumers, but they should reflect on everything that entails the product.

Being a daily consumer of various products, I have taken a big interest in scrutinizing my vendors before purchasing. Food products have taken much of my attention considering that, my health is the most important thing. Planning to take pork for my dinner makes me remember my previous encounters with my pork vendor. He is a middle-aged man who always welcomes me warmly at his butchery. Whenever I go to his butchery, he serves me swiftly and with the best pork. I am a regular customer. Having introduced several of my friends at his butchery, he values me as a customer, and he always ensures he offers me the best product and services. His treatment keeps me going back to buy from him. Additionally, he practices very high hygiene standards, and this assures me of my health safety. Concentrating more on the ingredients, preparation and price of the pork, my vendor hardly cares about other essential components.

The pork prices offered at the butchery are constant and changes after quite a long interval. Being assured of non-fluctuating prices, I am able to budget for my pork consumption on a monthly basis. The prices offered are reasonably favorable to anyone who considers taking pork. This makes its consumption constant and very profitable to the vendor. Through this strategy, the vendor has achieved a niche in the neighborhood and always clears his supply. His products are always safe and healthy for consumption.&nbsp.

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