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1.   You're organizing the files in your multimedia   project, which are also known as



A. frames. 


B. assets. 


C. software. 


D. objects.


2.   If you're using twisted-pair copper wires to connect   to your network, you're most likely using



A. radio. 


B. USB. 


C. Ethernet. 


D. WiFi.


3.   Which of the following standards developed by the   Moving Picture Experts Group offers indexing and querying?



A. MPEG-1 


B. MPEG-3 


 C. MPEG-4 


D. MPEG-2 



4.   If you're using a flat-screen display, which type of   technology could you use with it?












5.   Disney is known for having popularized a certain type   of animation. What type of animation is it?



 A. Cel


B. Path 


C. 2 ½–D 


D. 3–D



6.   You're managing a multimedia project that teaches   people basic finance skills. Who should you hire to make sure the subject   matter is clear for users?



 A. The     instructional designer 


B. The multimedia     programmer 


C. The interface     designer 


D. The project     manager


7.   When animating people, you want to make sure their   movements are true to life. The study of this movement is known as



A. rendering. 


B. morphing. 


C. modeling. 


 D.     kinematics.


8.   If you're working on adding color to your animations   with special methods, you're working on



 A. inks. 


B. penciling. 


C. blots. 


D. color-coding.


9.   You're working on computer animation. If you add an   illusion of depth to your animation with shadowing and highlighting, you're   most likely using _______ animation.



A. 2 ½–D 


B. 3–D 


C. 2–D 


D. path


10.   You're using a tool that will allow you to make   transparent colors so you can mix together two videos. Which of the following   is not one of these possible tools to help you in this process?



A. Chroma key     editing 


B. Ultimatte


 C.     Keyframing 


D. Blue screen


11.   You've been hired to ensure the navigation pathways   and content maps are clear in a multimedia project. What's your role?



A. Multimedia     programmer 


B. Multimedia     designer 


C. Project manager     


 D.     Interface designer 



12.   Which acronym pertains to a product that allows   changes to be made that are not forgotten when power is turned off?












13.   You're shopping around for authoring tools. Which     of the following is not a type of authoring tool?



A. Frame-based 


B. Time-based 


C. Page-based 


D. Object-based


14.   Video content that you shoot or acquire is known     as



A. stock. 


 B.       footage. 


C. scripts. 


D. frames.


15.   Which of the following is not a common     special effects filter in an image-editing tool?



A. Emboss 


 B.       Implode 


C. Splatter 


D. Wind


16.   Which multi-touch gesture is not used on   mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets?



A. Pan 


B. Triple-finger     tap 


C. Flick 


 D. Pinch     open


17.   A superfast _______ system will support   high-support high-speed data transfer rates.



 A.     high-definition multimedia interface 


B. charge-coupled     device 


C. complementary     metal-oxide semiconductor 


D. redundant array     of independent disks 



18.   You're creating a rolling ball animation using a   distortion filter called "Spherize." Which tool are you using to   create this animation?



A. Photoshop 


B. AnimatorPro


 C. Flash 


D. Director


19.   Some DVDs use a/an _______ widescreen coding system   to squeeze 16:2 image data into a DVD's standard 4:3 aspect ratio format.



A. codec 


B. light-emitting     diode 


 C.     anamorphic 


D. progressive-scan


20.   When you plan your video ahead of time, you may be   using a process known as



A. panning. 


 B.     storyboarding. 


C. framing. 


D. composing.

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