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Homework answers / question archive / The same case study is to be done individually in two parts

The same case study is to be done individually in two parts


The same case study is to be done individually in two parts. Each part will have its own set of questions to address. Read the appropriate materials and prepare a case analysis report, organized as you see appropriate for the topic, in a way that addresses all the questions provided for each part. Each report should include an introduction and conclusion. The report  should be 8-10 pages (double spaced), 2.54 cm margins (the default on MS Word), and Times New Roman 12 pts size font.

Submission Instructions

Carefully read the case and consider its context in relation to the planning and implementation of data analytics usage to improve the supply chain performance. Link the case context to the relevant readings and concepts learned in the first three units. The case includes situational information, which should be used to perform the required analysis and make the appropriate recommendations. You are required to address all of the following questions within your case analysis.

Do NOT write a report - you must use critical thinking.

Case Questions

1. What information would you go about collecting to present to the RFID steering committee and that would help in decision regarding RFID adoption?

[There are 10 (6 reasons why RFID is an improvement over bar codes, and 4 reasons how they will improve operations); list them (bullet point okay)]

2. Model the process flow at METRO before and after RFID using flowcharts. Explain each of the processes in detail.

[Create before and after process flow (BPI). You may use a flow chart or use AnyLogic.]

3. Do you see the process with the RFID implementation superior to the one without? Why or why not?

[Explain in your own words.]

3. In the context of METRO's RFID application who would be: (1) people, (2) processes, and (3) technologies involved to implement a full RFID heavy process?

[1. there are 10 - name all; 2. there is 1; 3. there are 5; name 4]

4.How can each of three groups serve a new data intensive strategy?

[How does each of these sets (1,2,3) support creating new data for the company?]

5. How would you describe the organizational change that is entailed with a data driven supply chain at METRO?

[Think change management and organizational behaviour course]

6. What are some challenges you see for having such a change?

[Think BPI/CVS]

7. Provide recommendations and an action plan for METRO to solve its supply chain problems. What is the role of data and/or technology if any?

[What would you do? What is the solution? Pretend you are a consultant hired to solve the problem].

Connect theory to your discussions - you must include citations.

Minimum of 3 academic sources

Title page, headings, APA7 format, citations, references

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