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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic competitive edge with a university degree

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic competitive edge with a university degree


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic competitive edge with a university degree. University degrees may range from undergraduate degree to postgraduate degree, doctoral degree, and master’s degree. All these qualifications help one to take charge of their future by building confidence and skills thereby opening up new opportunities to the student at whichever step in life. University students are always given training that is tailored to meet the expectations of the job markets. They are taught skills that are required to meet the challenging demands of the job market according to Fleming and Owens (2010) and García (2010). They engage in specific skill acquisition in a field that they have special interests in. It is a common practice for one to engage more vigorously in a field he/she is most interested in rather than a field one has got no interest in.

Going to a university exposes one to rich cultural and social diversity. Making friends from various regions and countries are something that is of paramount importance to the student. This makes the student ready for the international market. Attaining university education opens one to the international market and therefore one can work with international organizations like the World Food Program, United Nations Organization and World Bank as noted by Enders and Fulton (2002). This advances his/her career further. Working in any of the international organizations will always result in increased earning potential, a range of opportunities and a career that is rewarding. Graduates always tend to earn more than those who have only A level of education (Directgov, 2010).

However, it should be noted that attending a university may work towards tribal crashes. It has been the practice of most of the students from major communities to discriminate against the other students from the minority tribes. This does not go well with the students from the minority group. Most of the students are known to carry out stupid jokes that end up causing emotional injury to other students.&nbsp.

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