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Homework answers / question archive / Currently, I feel that the current number one most pressing issue regarding homeland security is boarder patrol

Currently, I feel that the current number one most pressing issue regarding homeland security is boarder patrol


Currently, I feel that the current number one most pressing issue regarding homeland security is boarder patrol.  This is because of the COVID-19 Virus that has reached a pandemic phase within the country.  I do feel fair to say that I feel the pressing issue with homeland security changes constantly with society and what is transpiring within society.  My suggestion as a remedy would be to follow suit of what Japan did in the pandemic of influenza in 2009, within their country.  “In the early stages of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, border control measures were taken by quarantine stations to block the entry of infected individuals into Japan and community containment measures were implemented to prevent the spreading” (Sakaguchi, Tsunoda, Wada, Ohta, Kawashima, Yoshino, & Aizawa, 2012, para. 4).  Later still facing the virus they added additional measures to the boarder control process to insure their country the best measures were being taken.  “For entry screening, a health declaration form and an infrared thermoscanner were used to detect symptomatic passengers. Passengers indicated for the rapid influenza test underwent the test followed by RT-PCR. Patients positive for H1N1 were isolated, and close contacts were quarantined” (Skaguchi, et al., para. 6).  As people are still continuing to travel not necessarily for a need but a desire, I feel this would decrease the chances of the spread of COVID.

The course did not change my mind or opinion about homeland security, however; it did teach me additional knowledge of departments that had not even imagined that were related to homeland security.  One in particular is the EPA, I found out that in a true disaster water of course is a resource that we cannot live without, so it is imperative for the protection of our resources.  “As a part of critical infrastructure, they become more than water plants but targets for the terrorist” (Nemeth, 2016, p. 467).  I feel that society does not appreciate that we actually have running water and cannot survive without that luxury.  I know many that know how to utilize natural water for survival and will be fine, however; I also know many that would die within the timeframe of dehydration setting in.

      I honestly feel that my aha moment came from the knowledge of the preparedness that the department of homeland security attempts to take.  I was very impressed with their tactical measures of being willing and ready for all occurrences.  However; we all know you cannot be prepared for everything, but they are attempting to follow God’s instructions of being prepared for your enemy.  1 Corinthians 16:13 (King James Version) is a good example of being prepared “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”     


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