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Homework answers / question archive / Walter Salisbury, theme park entrepreneur is building a new regional zoo called Animal Land

Walter Salisbury, theme park entrepreneur is building a new regional zoo called Animal Land

Project Management

Walter Salisbury, theme park entrepreneur is building a new regional zoo called Animal Land. You have just been named as Project Manager. Walter himself will be the executive Sponsor of the project. Melanie Gilford, the corporation Chief Financial Officer and Leo Corte, VP of Human Resources will also be major stakeholders.


This zoo will represent wildlife from all over the world. Phase 1 of the project will include exhibits of giraffes, elephants, penguins, polar bears, flamingoes, sea-lions, zebras and a rare snow fox. The giraffes will co-exist with the elephants as will the flamingoes and sea-lions. This is the first time flamingos and sea-lions will co-exist in a captured environment. Each exhibit must be designed to accurately reflect the natural habitat of the species. All exhibits must be incorporated into the high-level park layout which is also part of the project scope. In addition to the habitat requirements, a staff including a specialized veterinarian and support personnel must be trained and hired for each species. Zoo veterinarians are very hard to find in this current job market. Each must have ACZM certification. A general grounds crew that handles maintenance must also be hired. The grounds crew should consist of landscapers and construction crews. Aside from the wildlife requirements, there are other aspects of the zoo that must be planned as part of the scope. There will be three concession stands with different wildlife themes and two gift shops at each end of the park. One of the concessions stand is planned to serve beer and wine although the city is very reluctant to issue the license. The zoo will partner with the community and offer day camps during the summer for underprivileged children who will learn about the wildlife. In order for the camp to achieve community funding, it must include transportation, breakfast, lunch and an approved curriculum from the WWF. There is a lot of competition for such funding this year. The final piece of the project scope is to hire and train the guest services group which includes security, ticket sales and special events.


Exercise 10.1

You are in the last stretch of your project. There are 3 weeks left to project closure. During a pre-inspection with an inspector from the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), it was discovered that Federal regulations require that each animal exhibit tie into a sewage filtration system.

The cost of the system is $100,000 and there are 2 vendors in that are that are authorized installers. Total time for ordering and installation is 4 weeks

Analyze this new information. Define the impact for each knowledge area we learned in this course. Draft an email to the project sponsor explaining the situation and a list of all changes to project artifacts.

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