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Homework answers / question archive / PROJECT REPORT on case study that will be submitted to the management of the organisation   1

PROJECT REPORT on case study that will be submitted to the management of the organisation   1

Project Management

PROJECT REPORT on case study that will be submitted to the management of the organisation


1. Read the case study of ‘Toyota Australia: Using mentoring to manage major internal change’.


2. Having reviewed and learned from the case study, you are required to assume that you are one of the key managers who is involved in managing a business challenge in an organisation (not Toyota Australia).


3. You are to create a project report that will focus on:


a. Identifying what the current issues/challenges the organisations are facing.

This may include:

? Meetings with your manager.

? Meetings with your team.

b. planning and implementing a mentoring program within an organisation, in consultation with others (clients, colleagues and/or external parties), including:

? establishing a management structure

? determining support structures

? explaining the purposes and benefits of the mentoring program for the organisation

? outlining the components of the mentoring program plan

? explaining the design principles of the mentor program

? explaining the roles of mentor and mentee

? explaining the criteria to be used to match mentors and mentees

? identifying legislation and organisational policies that are relevant to mentoring, including privacy and confidentiality requirements

c. developing and establishing tools and materials to support the mentoring program

? explaining how resource requirements may vary according to the mentoring program mode

d. establishing mentor-mentee policies and procedures

e. coordinating mentor and mentee communications

f. outlining the methods used for evaluating and documenting/reporting and collecting the results of the mentoring program and how data is stored
















Evidence: Students need to submit a completed:

? project report including all documents related to the task (5000 words)

? minutes of meetings with manager, team members


Report Format: There is no particular format for the report however, students need to cover the following in their report:


1. Executive Summary: It is a summary containing all the main findings and conclusions, so that a busy

executive can get a flavour of what the report says and decide whether or not s/he needs to read it all. It is not to be confused with the Introduction.


2. Introduction: This sets the scene for what is to follow. It should contain:

? a brief (1-2 paragraphs) summary of the events which have led to the report being written, the terms of reference or objective of the report.

? a description of the method the report follows to achieve this objective. This can be thought of as a kind of annotated table of contents, e.g. "In Section 1, I analyse the business challenges. In Section 2, I assess the possible solution. In Section 3, I assess the ways and proposals." This signposting is very important in preparing the reader for the delights to come.


3. Analysis/Problems :

? Why did the organisation make certain major decisions that led to the need of a mentoring program.

? What problems were foreseen with such decision?

? What management solutions were derived?

? Did the mentoring program succeed?


4. Conclusion - Some points to remember while writing conclusion:

? You have considered the alternatives. There is hardly ever just one, single "obvious" response to a strategic problem. Bear in mind that, if there is, all the company’s competitors will have thought of it, too!

? You have made it clear why the recommendation you have chosen is the best of the available alternatives.

? You have looked at the downside of your proposals. Try to avoid proposals that would bankrupt the company if they failed, or which can be easily copied by the competition.

5. Page number: Make sure that the pages are numbered along with the sections. This can help you make cross-references from one part to another, which can help save you words by avoiding repeating in one place what you have already said.


6. Reference: Make sure to provide all your references. If you are directly quoting someone make sure to put those sentences in inverted commas and quote them properly.

7. Table of Content: Your report should have a table of content.

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