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Homework answers / question archive / DIRECTIONS: For your assignment, you will be researching a world diet

DIRECTIONS: For your assignment, you will be researching a world diet

Health Science

DIRECTIONS: For your assignment, you will be researching a world diet. you can choose a diet from a specific county or region of the world. For example, France is a country; the Mediterranean would be considered a region. Or you can research the diet of a specific culture or religion. For example, Hispanic would be considered a culture and Judaism would be considered a religion

IMAGINE you are opening an authentic new restaurant themed on the region, culture, or religion you chose. After conducting your research, create a brochure advertising your restaurant and discussing the culture and foods.

Beware of copying, "everything in your own words"

Be sure to include the following information in your brochure:

1:The name of your restaurant (1 pt)

2: The country, region, or culture around which your restaurant is based (1 pt)

3: Image or graphics (2 pts)

4: A list of 5 authentic dishes you will be serving in your restaurant (5 pts)

5: A paragraph describing the culture region you have chosen. This information does not need to be food-specific. (location, customs, traditions, etc.) (4 pts)

6: information about the food culture you have been chosen, including: (8 pts)

-The main foods or ingredients that are generally eaten by the culture, (do they mainly eat fish, vegetables, meat, and potatoes.) 

-Why these foods are considered staples? (FOR example, the Mediterranean diet includes a lot of fish and seafood because of its original location along the Mediterannean sea and access their to seafood)

-Are there any foods this culture abstains from? (does not generally eat)

-Any customs surrounding food or preparation of food. (For example, in Judaism, milk and meat products must be handled separately using different utensils and even different sinks)

7. At least two references used (websites, books. or people consulted). If you use a website, include web address (4pts)

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