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Homework answers / question archive / Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how to improve nonverbal communication

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how to improve nonverbal communication


Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how to improve nonverbal communication. Physical Appearance: This is how other people see us and how we perceive them and is an important part of the nonverbal dialogue. How we look is what others see on first meeting and this creates perceptions about us in the other person’s mind. At the same time, we apply this to others and receive important nonverbal information, based on our perceptions. For example, if I meet someone who appears to have taken the trouble to be tidy and clean, I think they will behave in ways that match the appearance, such as a friendly and natural manner, well-spoken and polite, smiling and responsive. I am more likely to respond to them in a positive way, mirroring their behaviors. The people I relate to best in social and work situations are those who try to present a pleasing appearance because, in my experience, this goes together with behaviors that help communication, as mentioned above. I have seen how such a person reacts to praise or criticism quietly and thoughtfully, and this also increases my positive perceptions of them. On the other hand, I have met people who are dirty and untidy in appearance, who do not return a smile or greeting, and my perceptions of them are negative, causing me difficulty in establishing communication and rapport.

Kinesics: (external displays of human feelings and emotions). These are expressed through such actions as a look, mimicry, gestures to emphasize meanings, poses, and visual communication (sight and movement of eyes). These nonverbal components provide a great deal of information when interactions take place. This is most helpful in cases where people are speaking in different languages, something I have experienced, as I am Russian. Gestures thus become the unique means of dialogue and carry out vital communicative functions.

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