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Homework answers / question archive / Compose a 4000 words assignment on legality of euthanasia

Compose a 4000 words assignment on legality of euthanasia


Compose a 4000 words assignment on legality of euthanasia. Needs to be plagiarism free! However, it is unfortunate to discover that this right of self-determination is normally taken away whenever a person, due to a terminal illness, feels like he/she is not enjoying the quality of life that he ought to be enjoying and therefore would prefer death than continue with their suffering.

Personally, I believe that euthanasia is an act of compassion for those that we care about. This compassion is achieved by ending the pain and suffering of those we care about instead of subjecting them to any unnecessary suffering. Not a single one of us would like to witness the suffering of another person and particularly somebody we care about. Some of us might, however, argue that legalizing euthanasia will open the floodgates of assisted-suicides even in not-so-dire medical cases. The main goal of this paper, therefore, is to interrogate these issues as they have been laid bare by various people who have commented on this emotive issue, and if not convinced, at least show those who are against euthanasia, the various benefits that its legalization might add to the society. This is because legalizing Euthanasia will not only bring peace to the terminally-ill patients enduring extreme pain while still hoping against hope for the restoration of their health but also bring relief to those associated with them.

In this book, Craig explores the ethic of ending an innocent person’s life, whether self or somebody else’s. There might be myriads of people who had explored this issue from various perspectives in the past. However, Craig opts to tackles the question of whether it is ethical to terminate an innocent life from the perspective of natural laws. In this regard, he revives the natural law approach to moral reasoning from where he proceeds to defend the proposition to the effects that it is a serious moral wrong to end the life of an innocent person’s life (including your own) on grounds of relieving pain or some other seemingly convincing reasons. To him, that is murder by another name.

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